5 Summer Plans on the outskirts of Madrid

Summer is approaching and we offer whattodoinmadrid.com five alternative plans you can do to when visiting Madrid and you want to cool off on the outskirts of the capital. These 5 plans are approximately 40 minutes from the city and have access to them from the train and bus stations. Madrid River   If you […]

5 Green zones that can not miss in Madrid

Retiro Park is not only the only option of green areas that exist within the Capital of Spain. In fact here we will review the five most striking gardens and you should not miss on your visit to Madrid. These 5 zones that they can be called hidden because not many locals knows about there […]

Top 5 Sport Bars in Madrid

Most foreign tourists recognize Madrid as a city where the sport exists in every corner. It’s normal when Madrid has a one of the best soccer teams that representing the city, country and Europe. Real Madrid has stolen the attention of tourists on their visit to the city. Many seek to live the passion for […]

5 activities to do in Madrid with Kids

Its time to dedicate a space for the kids, not only couples and friends are tourist in Madrid, families with kids is other part of tourism and we want to give the best activities to can includes in your plans when arrive to Madrid. The first activity, is a famous musical, that is performing all […]

5 interesting sculptures of Madrid

  In this post we will show you special information that few people that live in the Capital of Spain know and we share to you to includes in your morning walking tours when you decide came to Madrid. You would not include in walking night tours because in the night is difficult to see […]

Top 5 of the best roofs in Madrid

It is time to rediscover Madrid from heaven, and in this article we’ll take you to know from the roofs of the 5 places where you will find the best view of the city. We started telling that Madrid is a city characterized by skyscrapers, but those who have, they are special and very well […]

5 Restaurants of Spanish traditional food

This time we will give you a small list of traditional restaurants where you can taste the different dishes originating not only the city but throughout Spain. Madrid restaurant Casa Botín is known to be the oldest restaurant in the world, and has been preserved for all this time thanks to the quality of its […]

Parque del Retiro a hidden strength

Apart from being one of the most tourist places of Madrid, the Retiro Park, it is full of secrets and curiosities that show a mystical side of this wonderful site of Madrid. Retiro Park has an area of ​​gardens and multiple spaces that take you to an atmosphere of relaxation. It is ideal for sports […]

Top 5 of the most touristic things to do in Madrid

In this location, we show you the 5 activities more touristic that people choose to do in Madrid. We suggest you include in you plans when you go to you destination, and take advantage of the options that you can find in this blog. The Retiro Park is one of the more big park in […]

5 magical places in Madrid

Madrid is known as the city that never sleeps, Madrid hosts a number of hiding places that amaze all visitors, but now show five places that are not famous in town but have magical beauty. 1.- We begin this post through a hidden inner city garden. The nuns’ orchard, which remained locked in the walls […]

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