5 Restaurants of Spanish traditional food

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This time we will give you a small list of traditional restaurants where you can taste the different dishes originating not only the city but throughout Spain.

Madrid restaurant

Casa Botín is known to be the oldest restaurant in the world, and has been preserved for all this time thanks to the quality of its dishes and the ancient atmosphere inside. Since its inception it has been a restaurant frequented by travellers, writers and artists from around the world. We recommend you try the pork or lamb as these are slowly cooked in a wood oven and acquire a special aroma and flavour.

 Andalusian Restaurant

The salt and flavour of southern Spain has moved to the capital. The Surtopía restaurant is an example of the essence that has this area of ​​the peninsula. Its services and prawns carpaccio is a success for all its guests. It should be noted that in Spain is eaten fish, but the Andalusian seasoning does not compare. We recommend you try the pancakes fried shrimp and Andalusian.

Restaurant in northern Spain

The grocery stores are very common in towns and cities of north of Spain, because the product most consumed by Northern is the octopus and you can enjoy the best recipes in the Grocery Store Mila, apart from its delicious dishes gives you a unique maritime environment. We recommend you try their specialty octopus Feira.

Vasco Restaurant

The taste of the Midwest will find the restaurant TheRoaster Donostiarra. This place takes us north of the Iberian Peninsula where you can enjoy both fish and red meat. You will be surprised with the taste of sea bream and hake back to the Basque because it combines ingredients fresh and soft.

Paella restaurant

La Casa de Valencia is a worthy representative of the best paellas that you can find in Madrid. A combination of fresh, personal touch recipes like atmosphere and quality service is what makes this restaurant a place visited by many tourists to delight the traditional Paella. We recommend that you associate with a white wine although a dish that can accompany all kinds of beverages.

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