Online Music and Theater

Being at home does not prevent you from enjoying the best theater, music, and opera in the world. Here is a selection to entertain you with the best shows: – Free Mexican cinema: – Berlin Philharmonic – You can also see theater online; these are the available works:

Online Workshops

Pixar offers a course entitled “Introduction: Pixar Film Production Workflow” ( in which you will get an overview of the production of a Pixar movie. This workshop will prepare you to delve deeper into the Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math topics that follow in the Pixar in a Box curriculum. If you have always […]

Virtual Libraries

eBiblio Madrid is a free online e-book loan service offered by libraries located in the Community of Madrid to any citizen. eBiblio Madrid provides a technological platform that allows you to access the catalog and loan works in digital format to be able to read them on different devices: tablets, smartphones, personal computers, or e-book […]

Meditation and Yoga

Although telework and staycations seem a priori something simple to assume, after several days, our mind can play tricks on us. So, investing some of your time on learning how to relax sounds like the best advice. Yoga is the perfect discipline for these days that combine uncertainty and frustration. There are many ways to […]

The Best Documentaries

Have you always wanted to delve into a particular topic? and DW have the best documentaries in history, science, news, cinema, music, and art. For those who do not know it, is an independent television network that transmits all its programming through its website. Two-thirds of the programs are unpublished in Spain, and […]

Find things to do in Madrid, Spain, one of the world’s trendiest destination.


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