Festivals in Spain

Everybody know that Spain has the best folkloric festivals in the world. Usually festivals are celebrated in spring or summer. Mainly, they honor a saint or a religious meaningful date. The fact that they began being religious does not exclude dancing, music and partying. Let’s …

Real Madrid meets Atletico de Madrid in the Spain Supercup

Spain Super Cup is about to be play! The historical rivals Real Madrid and Atletico de Madrid are fighting once again to show which the best city team is. The matches will take place on August, 19th at 11:00 p.m. in Santiago Bernabeu Stadium and on August, 22nd at 10:30 p.m. in Vicente Calderón Stadium.

2014 Spain Super Cup

Both teams are checking-in their new acquisitions. Real Madrid confirmed Iker Casillas as the official Super Cup goalkeeper, instead of just-signed Keylor Navas. The player, consider the architect of Costa Rica reached the quarter-finals in Brazil World Cup, have to wait for a future chance since Real Madrid coach announced Casillas as his first choice for this season.

James Rodríguez and Toni Kross will have the chance to play against Atletico de Madrid new team, commanded by the awarded coach Diego Simeone. Atletico de Madrid is also renewing its team with the acclaimed Real Sociedad formed player Antoine Griezmann.

It promise to be an interesting duel in spite of the silly schedule that will force all football fans to miss a few sleep hours. If you are looking forward to the great season on the Spanish La Liga, buy your tickets in advance for Real Madrid matches and Atletico de Madrid matches.

  • Tuesday, August 19th, Spain Super Cup, first match: Real Madrid – Atletico de Madrid in Santiago Bernabeu Stadium.

REAL MADRID 1 – ATLETICO DE MADRID 1 (James Rodríguez min. 81 and Raúl García min. 88)

  • Friday, August 22nd, Spain Super Cup, finale: Atletico de Madrid – Real Madrid in Vicente Calderón Stadium.

ATLETICO DE MADRID  1 – REAL MADRID 0 (Mandzukic min. 2)

ATLETICO DE MADRID win the Spanish SuperCup 2014!!!

Madrid Bullfighting schedule 2014

Madrid Bullfighting

Little by little, we are discovering more details about Madrid bullfighting in 2014. Taurodelta, the company in charge of organizing the shows, has given information regarding the next months in Madrid bullring, Las Ventas. According to Taurodelta and the local authorities, there will be sixty-five bullfights …

Famous Flamenco Dancers

Joaquín Cortés show

Each bailaor understands and expresses differently the art of flamenco. There are several worldwide known flamenco bailaores and each of them has their particular attributes and essential qualities that make them exceptionally unique. Iliana Sfeir will present you four famous bailaores that have spread flamenco …

Gourmet markets in Madrid

Now a days, gourmet markets are some of the top Madrid attractions. Former flea and groceries markets, this structures have been reformed in a very modern way in order to host food stalls that sell gourmet food and drink, as well as bars that serve you wonderful …