Michelin starred restaurants in Madrid

The famous qualifier system of the Michelin travel guides, has become the worldwide quintessential gourmets’ measure. Recently, Madrid celebrated the granting of the third star to DiverXO, the first restaurant in the city to receive such an award. There are nine Michelin starred restaurants in Madrid, five of them awarded with two stars and three […]

Hotel ME Reina Victoria Madrid

Madrid Rooftops Bar and Dining

Like many other cities, Madrid has changed its height in the past fifty years. Large buildings protrude from the traditional topography of the city offering incredible views, plus a lively entertainment program. Especially in summer, the roof tops of some buildings open to the public allowing locals and visitors to enjoy not only the sky […]


Best Gazpacho in Madrid

Gazpacho is one of the most popular Spanish dishes in the world. This soup made out of raw vegetables and bread is an Andalusian recipe, but some consider it to be a reinterpretation of the popular Arab bread soup. Gazpacho Recipe Gazpacho recipe includes tomatoes, red pepper, cucumber, onion, garlic, stale bread, white wine vinegar, […]

Paella in Madrid

Spanish Paella has become a very popular meal around the world. The name Paella comes from the Latin word “patella” that mean wide pan. As you can see paella is the name of the pan and the name of the meal.  Sometimes the pan is called paellera to avoid confusion. If you want to learn […]

The oldest restaurants in Madrid

Madrid was a city founded to provide services to travelers crossing from north to south of Spain. Its central location favored its growth, becoming a city com many restaurants, hotels and markets where travelers and traders went to sell their goods. Madrid has always been a vigorous and active city, with very large business hours […]

Torrijas a traditional Spanish dessert

Torrijas: what, where and when?

What are Torrijas? First of all, what are torrijas? They are the Spanish version of a french-toast. This simple dessert has been eaten in Spain since XV century. They were consider a great meal for recovering patients and pregnant women. Torrijas differ from French toast on three aspect. The first one is that torrijas are made […]

Calamari Sandwich

Roll in batter and fried calamari rings are one of the most common tapas in Spain. They are a bit rubbery in the inside and crispy in the outside. The taste is like sea food combine with a touch of lemon. Hum! Delicious. They are usually eat on Sunday appetizer before the family weekly lunch. […]

Restaurants with menus in Madrid

As you probably already know food is the core of the Spanish culture. It is part of every relevant moment of a Spaniards life, but even the most committed foodies have to eat every day. After what American called a small breakfast, lunch more than just a meal is a right. Lunch in Spain is […]

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