Celebrating The Epiphany in Madrid

The Magi or the Three Wise Men were three men guided by the Bethlehem’s star to honor and complement God’s son after his birth. This story, based on the Gospels of Matthew, has turned the Three Kings in regular characters of nativity scenes. The tradition of the nativity scenes is widespread in Spain, since this […]

Madrid for vegans

Although Spaniards seem to feed themselves only with meat and dairy products, Madrid has a wide range of vegetarian and vegan restaurants. Being a vegan is something quite difficult to understand by a people who think a vegetarian sandwich include eggs and tuna. Yes! Spaniards think being vegetarian means not eating beef or chicken… but […]

Flamenco Musical Instruments

Flamenco music is very rich and vibrant. Its history is very interesting since it has evolved into an extremely vast and complete genre of music. Flamenco music started with the singing –cante in Spanish- and then other instruments were incorporated little by little. Spanish Guitar The first instrument to accompany the flamenco singing was the […]

Iberico cheese or Spanish cheese?

Despite the fact that Iberico Ham exist, there is not Iberico cheese. There are around 26 different types –denominations of origin (D.O)- of cheese in Spain, none of them responds to the name Iberico. Besides, this impressive number of unique cheeses, there are hundreds of chesses produce in Spain that haven’t being recognize with a […]

Iberico Ham vs Serrano Ham

Iberian or Iberico ham is a traditional product of Spanish cuisine; its uniqueness lies in the Iberian pig breed chosen. The Iberian Pig is distinguished from other species by its uniform black color and hair shortage. Iberian pigs feed on acorns from October to January and reared on farms in extensive regime. These farms must […]

Real Madrid schedule in November 2014

Two month have passed since La Liga started. Real Madrid took the competition seriously and has scalded two positions in the classification, positioning itself as the third best team. Currently Real Madrid has 18 points and is third below Barcelona with 22 points and Sevilla with 19 points. Followed closely by Valencia and Atletico de […]

Atletico Madrid schedule in November 2014

The League started two months ago and could not be more exciting, especially after the victory of Real Madrid vs Barcelona and Atletico against Getafe. The two Madrid teams shorten their distance in the grading table with the leader. Atletico Madrid holds on to fifth place with 20 points, just two points behind Barcelona and […]

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