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Real Madrid Schedule February 2015

January has been a crazy month for Real Madrid. Although the team has won all La Liga BBVA matches this month and Cristiano has won the FIFA Ballon d’Or, January will leave an unpleasant memory. Cristiano’s expulsion from the field and the shocking celebration of Bale during the match against Córdoba has aroused the criticism against […]

Atletico Madrid Schedule February 2015

January was a great month for Atletico de Madrid, which has won four of five games played. For great sadness of the fans, “los cochoneros” lost against Barcelona F.C. team, missing the opportunity to be just one point below Real Madrid in the table of La Liga BBVA. After this month, Atletico still third in the […]

How to Dance Flamenco Step by Step

Flamenco is a marvelous and passionate dance. Full of spellbinding movements and captivating melodies, flamenco transmits the truth of its culture through the most intense and fascinating way. If you want to dance flamenco, there are five essential things you ought to know. Since flamenco is a communication between the bailaor (the dancer), the cantaor […]

Madrid Planetarium

The planetarium of Madrid was inaugurated in September the 29th, 1986. Its main purpose is to spread the knowledge and culture of the science of astronomy offering its visitors interesting and stimulating astronomic information. The main room of the planetarium has 100 slides projectors that completely cover the dome, offering the spectators panoramic views. Moreover, […]

Madrid’s Cable Car

Madrid’s cable car or railway starts in Paseo del Pintor Rosales and ends in Casa Campo. From its cars during the trip, passengers can view the Western Park, the train station Príncipe Pío, the chapel of San Antonio de la Florida, the Manzanares river and the Garabitas hill. The cable car was built by a Swiss company […]

Cybeles Fountain, Madrid

The fountain of Cybele is located in Madrid in the Cibeles Square. This neoclassic monument was built from 1777 to 1782. It is in Salón del Padro, just next to the Palacio de Buenavista in front of the fountain of Neptune. It is also part of the Madrid of the Bourbons Route, since the square […]

Plaza de la Paja, Madrid

The Plaza de la Paja (Stalk Square) is located in the center of Madrid, in the so known Madrid of the Asturias and the Castilian neighborhood La Latina. This square was the center of city in the Middle Ages. During the XII and XIV centuries it was the commercial hub of Madrid. Then, after the XV […]

Debod Temple, Madrid

The Debod Temple is a building of the ancient Egypt located nowadays in Madrid, near Plaza de España and Paseo del Pintor Rosales in the Western Park (Parque del Oeste) of the city. When it was moved to Spain, the building was situated as it originally was: from East to West. The Temple of Debod […]

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