How to Dance Flamenco Step by Step

Flamenco is a marvelous and passionate dance. Full of spellbinding movements and captivating melodies, flamenco transmits the truth of its culture through the most intense and fascinating way. If you want to dance flamenco, there are five essential things you ought to know. Since flamenco is a communication between the bailaor (the dancer), the cantaor […]

Flamenco Stories: Paco de Lucía and Camarón de la Isla

In the history of Flamenco, there have been several remarkable artists that were and still are symbols and references for new generations. The guitarist Paco de Lucía and the singer Camarón de la Isla are two of them. Both literally changed Flamenco and helped make this culture known all around the world. Paco de Lucía […]

Flamenco Musical Instruments

Flamenco music is very rich and vibrant. Its history is very interesting since it has evolved into an extremely vast and complete genre of music. Flamenco music started with the singing –cante in Spanish- and then other instruments were incorporated little by little. Spanish Guitar The first instrument to accompany the flamenco singing was the […]

Flamenco bailaores are considered percussionists that play music with their feet while they dance. Their instrument is the special flamenco footwear that has nails in the soles of the heels and the toes. The metal material of the nails makes that particular sound when bailaores hit the wood floor.

Bailaoras dancing flamenco


There are several kinds of heels that the bailaor will choose depending on what they find more comfortable: the traditional heel, the cubano and the carrete or garrucha. The height of the heel can vary from 2 cm. to 7 cm. Nowadays, flamenco shoe producers offer a wide variety of colors and fabrics for the shoes.

There are many stores in Madrid where you can find them: Gallardo, Senovilla, Artefyl, Luna Flamenca and Menkes located in the center of the city.

We kindly invite you to go to a tablao flamenco where you will see bailaores perform. And, to live the night in the very Spanish style, order some tapas and some wine! You’ll definitely have fun!

Most of the times, when people hear “Sevillanas” the first thing that comes to their minds is “Flamenco,” or the other way around. However, although the dividing line is quite slight, there is actually a difference between them. Sevillanas are part of the folklore originated in Seville, while Flamenco originated in the region of Andalusia and has a very wide and deep history.

Two Seville's girls dancing sevillanas in the April's Fair

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Sellivanas are usually danced in couples and in series of four. The four of them have the same musical structure and although they can be danced differently, there are always specific moments when the dancers do certain steps.

On the other hand, Flamenco comprises several palos and the music, compass, structure and essence changes from one palo to another. Nonetheless, Sevillanas are now part of the Flamenco palos belonging to the Andalusian folklore. In fact, nowadays, most of the students of Flamenco also learn Sevillanas.

All in all, in spite of the distinction of their origins, Sevillanas and Flamenco are closely related to each other.

Joaquín Cortés show

Famous Flamenco Dancers

Each bailaor understands and expresses differently the art of flamenco. There are several worldwide known flamenco bailaores and each of them has their particular attributes and essential qualities that make them exceptionally unique. Iliana Sfeir will present you four famous bailaores that have spread flamenco across the world. Sara Baras Sara Baras was born in […]

Two of the Greatest Flamenco Dancers

“While I dance I cannot judge, I cannot hate, I cannot separate myself from life. When I dance I can only be joyful and whole. This is why I dance.” Hans Bos Dancers express themselves using their whole bodies as a language capable of reaching any person. Their movements are their words; their hands drawing […]

Flamenco Outfit

Definitely, the best way to enjoy flamenco in Madrid is going to a traditional tablao and watching a flamenco show while eating some typical Spanish food. If you have seen flamenco bailaoras and have found their costumes charming, let yourself be fond of this article written by the bailaora Iliana Sfeir in which the flamenco […]

The best Flamenco shows in Madrid

Flamenco is a folk music and dance typical of the Andalusia region in Spain. A flamenco show implicated four different expression, singing called cante, guitar playing called toque, dancing and rhythmical hand clapping called palmas. There are proves that show flamenco has been a Spanish cultural expression since 1774. Regarding its antiquity and important paper […]

Flamenco Madrid

The instruments of flamenco. Flamenco Madrid

We have already talked about the origins and the dresses of flamenco in Madrid, but there are many other things that will impress you. Some of them are the instruments that make this music possible, especially the flamenco guitar, the cajón and the castanets. In this article you will discover all you need to know […]

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