Madrid Bullfight Schedule 2015

We are so excited to share this new information. There has been some links and we got some information about the bullfighting season of 2015. Although we do not know the exact dates of the “corridas” or the “cartel”, we know the start dates and the Feria de San Isidro dates. Las Ventas Bullfight Schedule […]

Madrid Bullfighting

Madrid Bullfighting schedule 2014

Little by little, we are discovering more details about Madrid bullfighting in 2014. Taurodelta, the company in charge of organizing the shows, has given information regarding the next months in Madrid bullring, Las Ventas. According to Taurodelta and the local authorities, there will be sixty-five bullfights in Madrid in 2014. Of the 65 corridas, 35 of […]

Whether you like it or not, bullfighting is part of the Spanish culture and part of the Mediterranean tradition. There are probes showing that bull-leaping –a bullfighting antecessor- was practice in the Minoan Crete in the Bronze Age. The human kind always has wanted to probe its value and its power over the rest of the planet creatures. That is probably why a man face a bull at the first time.

Bull-leaping in Crete

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Bullfighting is part of the Mediterranean culture as its celebrated diet, flamenco, olive oil or wine. That does not mean you have to agree on its practice. In fact, most of the European countries has banned it. In France, bullfighting is allowed, but not killing or poking the bull in the act.

There are also another interesting practices involving bulls, like Running of the Bulls –in Spanish called “Encierros”. It is a practice that comprises running in front a group of bulls that have been let loose on reserved streets. The most popular Encierros are celebrated in Pamplona honoring Saint Fermin every year on the first week of July.

Now that you understand the importance of bullfighting for the Spanish culture, come to a bullfighting show in Madrid. Enjoy being part of a legendary tradition and judge by yourself whether you like it or not.

A matador in the ring

Famous bullfighters in Spain

Bullfighting is rooted tradition in Spain. It was practice in Europe by the Greeks and the Romans, becoming a traditional practice in the Mediterranean world. It was exported to Latin America with the Spaniard pilgrims and become a very important show in México, Colombia, Equator, and Venezuela. If you are visiting Madrid, buy bullfighting tickets and […]

Las Ventas Bullring

Las Ventas bullfighting ring was built in 1934 in Mozarabic style. It has a capacity of 23,000 spectators. Unfortunately, 80% of the tickets belong to season subscribers. If you want to assist to a bullfight, especially during the San Isidro Festivities, make sure to buy your tickets within a month in advance.

Bullfight tickets are numbered and divided in three main areas: shade, sun and shade and sun. Since the bullfight always takes place at the same time of the day, the sun seats are the ones getting all the sunlight –and the heat—during the show. Moreover, the shade seats are the ones in shade during the show.

Each are is divided in different sections called Tendidos. The tendidos, in turn, are divided into five seats categories: VIP, first category, second category, third category, forth category.  The VIP category seats are the one closer to the arena. The higher the category the farther the seat are from the arena.

Bullfighting: mithology, toreros and dress code

Bullfighting or tauromachy is a traditional show in Spain. It is also practice in Portugal, southern France and Latin America. Some think is a cruelty and some is a sport. Controversies aside, it is an old European practice that already take place in the ancient Greece. It is very complex show hide interesting secrets behind. […]

March is the most awaited month for all bullfighting lovers as it is when the season begins. For the rest of the month, those who attend a bullfight in Las Ventas bullring, they will be able to enjoy an ‘appetisier’,  two novilladas, which are bullfights with young bulls.This is the bullfighting in Madrid schedule for March 2014. Buy your tickets here.

bullfighting in madrid schedule march 2014This is the detailed bullfighting in Madrid schedule in March 2014:

– Sunday 23rd, 5PM: Novillada for the bullfighters Luis Gerpe, Curro de la Casa y Javier de Prado. Bulls from José Luis Pereda and La Dehesilla breeds

– Sunday 30th, 18PM: Novillada for the bullfighters Jesús Fernández, Juan Ortega y Tomás Campos. Bulls from José Luis Pereda and La Dehesilla breeds.


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