Real Madrid Tickets

Real Madrid schedule in September 2014

Even though we enjoyed two La Liga BBVA weeks of fixtures in August, September is the real beginning of the football season. Real Madrid have not started the season off right. The team lost its last match against Real Sociedad 4-2. In this month the team will have to face it eternal rival Atletico de […]

Famous Spanish Painters

Madrid Museums are full of art pieces, not only by the most famous Spanish painters but from the world best-known painters, sculptors and artist. If you are visiting the city only for a few days, this guide will save you some time while helping you know where the masterpieces of the most famous Spanish painters […]

Madrid Atocha Train Station

The Atocha Railway Station view is the perfect welcome to Madrid. Its imposing structure and incredible tropical garden are de prefect prelude to this amazing city. This beauty is not just a nice building! Atocha is the most important of the three Madrid train stations –Chamartín and Nuevos Ministerios are the other two. At Madrid Atocha Railway Station, […]

Where to drink gin and tonic in Madrid?

Since gin and tonic has become the trendiest cocktail, a have try hundreds of variations. Some of them were so strange that make me doubt whether they were or not gin tonics. I’m a fan of the classic! Just as some mixtures, the story of the creation of the gin and tonic is also not very clear. The […]

Most of the times, when people hear “Sevillanas” the first thing that comes to their minds is “Flamenco,” or the other way around. However, although the dividing line is quite slight, there is actually a difference between them. Sevillanas are part of the folklore originated in Seville, while Flamenco originated in the region of Andalusia and has a very wide and deep history.

Two Seville's girls dancing sevillanas in the April's Fair

© mrskyce

Sellivanas are usually danced in couples and in series of four. The four of them have the same musical structure and although they can be danced differently, there are always specific moments when the dancers do certain steps.

On the other hand, Flamenco comprises several palos and the music, compass, structure and essence changes from one palo to another. Nonetheless, Sevillanas are now part of the Flamenco palos belonging to the Andalusian folklore. In fact, nowadays, most of the students of Flamenco also learn Sevillanas.

All in all, in spite of the distinction of their origins, Sevillanas and Flamenco are closely related to each other.

Plaza Mayor at night

Plaza Mayor

Plaza Mayor is one of the most visited Madrid attractions. Its enclosed space provides a place for peace and relaxation in the heart of the city. Provably, this square embodies the most traditional Castilian style. The structure of the square served as a model for the construction of many similar squares in Spain, becoming the ideal […]

A show in the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Madrid

What to do in Madrid in September

September is the beginning of wild mushroom, pumpkins and game season; three ingredients you can taste easily in almost every restaurant in Madrid. At this time, the city is back to normal, you will see people going to work and having business meetings; that means less lines in museums and any other city attractions. How is […]

Atletico de Madrid was the biggest revelation in La Liga season 2013 – 2014. El Cholo Simeone’s team has defied all odds crowned champion of La Liga BBVA 2014. Diego Costa and David Villa were the architects of this victory. Atletico de Madrid has reasoned proved that big budgets are not necessary for a team to be successful. Atletico de Madrid has renew the team and now counts Antoine Griezmann among other.

Atletico de Madrid schedule August 2014

La Liga is back and this first last will put face to face Rayo and Atletico de Madrid in Vallecas Stadium. The second last promises to be quieter with Atletico face at Eibar in Vicente Calderon Stadium. La Liga is back! Football fans are so happy that can wait to buy their tickets for Atletico de Madrid matches. Will Atletico be La Liga winner for second consecutive time?

  • Monday 25th at 10:00 p.m., La Liga BBVA, last-1: Rayo – Atletico de Madrid in Vallecas Stadium.


  • Sunday 31st at 9:00 p.m., La Liga BBVA, last 2: Atletico Madrid – Eibar in Vicente Calderon Stadium.

ATLETICO MADRID 2 – EIBAR 1 (Miranda 11 min. Manzukic 25 min. and Abraham 33 min.)

Real Madrid schedule in August 2014

La Liga is back! It was a long summer for football fans, since La Liga ended up earlier to leave time for the players to rest before the Brazil World Cup. Having lost all three matches in preseason, against Inter Milan, Manchester United and Roma, and being defeated in the first friendly match of the […]

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