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Things to do in Toledo for a day

There are certainly many things to do in Toledo for a day, as this city is one of the most beautiful in Spain. A long history provides an interesting place to discover and allowed it to be declared Unesco’s World Heritage Site. In this article we will  explain to you some of the main Toledo […]

Famous places in Madrid which hide scary mysteries

Famous places in Madrid which hide scary mysteries

There are more than just tourist sites in Madrid. The city has also many buildings and public spaces that hide other attractions, especially for those who love thrillers. Beyond the ‘official’ history of the capital of Spain, there are famous places in Madrid for hiding scary mysteries that have to do with crimes and spirits. […]

New Casino in the Center of Madrid

What to do in Madrid at night

If you are wondering what to do in Madrid at night, we have your answer, playing games in our casinos. Right in Central Madrid you will find two, Casino Gran Vía and Casino Gran Madrid-Colon. Apart from the small locales which offer machine games and sport betting in real-time, those are the two most important suggestions…. […]

Madrid’s History Museum

Apart from the main galleries of Madrid, famous worldwide, there are other museums in the city that are worth visiting and Madrid’s History Museum is one of them. It’s not highly known, as it has been undergoing a complete restoration, however a visit won’t disappoint. The building will astonish you, especially the facade, with a […]

Madrid bullfighting: improvements in Las Ventas bullring

One of the most important tourist attractions in Madrid, Spain,  Las Ventas bullring, is experiencing some major changes and improvements, especially within it.  While the seasonal break of bullfighting that takes place between November and February takes place, the government of the Community of Madrid is taking advantage of a plan to modernize the stadium […]

What to do in Madrid for a day

A perfect day in Madrid

What to do in Madrid for a day is a nice problem as there are lots of things to do in this city the whole year! Here, we will suggest the proper plan so that you can take advantage of every hour, from the time you get up till you go to sleep. You won’t […]

Find things to do in Madrid, Spain, one of the world’s trendiest destination.


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