The Marlborough Gallery was founded in 1946 by two of the best-known men in the artistic sphere of London, Frank Lloyd and Harry Fisher. In the 50’s it became one of the World’s most popular galleries, catapulting an expansion of the brand with the opening in New York, Tokyo and Paris headquarters.

Exhibit of Antonio Lopez in Marlborough Galleries Madrid

Marlborough Galleries in Madrid was opened in 1989 with a major exhibition on Francis Bacon. Nowadays, this institution shows one of the best monographs and collective exhibits in the city. They alternate ongoing work of its artist’s exhibitions with its permanent collections. Currently Marlborough Madrid represents international artists as: Alfonso Albacete, Pablo Armesto, Juan José Aquerreta, Martín Chirino, Rafael Cidoncha, Alberto Corazón, Juan Correa, Carlos Franco, Manuel Franquelo, Juan Genovés, Luis Gordillo, Kcho, Abraham Lacalle, Francisco Leiro, Antonio López García, Blanca Muñoz, Juan Navarro Baldeweg, Pelayo Ortega, David Rodríguez Caballero, Sergio Sanz, Manolo Valdés and Legado de Lucio Muñoz.

Currently on exhibition

Tadanori Yamaguchi: Confrontación. From October 23nd to November 29th.

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Orfila, 5. 28010 Madrid.

Opening Hours

Monday to Friday from 11:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.

Getting Here

Marlborough Galleries Madrid is just a few minutes away from Alonso Martinez subway station. This station serves line 4, 5 and 10 of Metro Madrid network.

Flamenco bailaores are considered percussionists that play music with their feet while they dance. Their instrument is the special flamenco footwear that has nails in the soles of the heels and the toes. The metal material of the nails makes that particular sound when bailaores hit the wood floor.

Bailaoras dancing flamenco


There are several kinds of heels that the bailaor will choose depending on what they find more comfortable: the traditional heel, the cubano and the carrete or garrucha. The height of the heel can vary from 2 cm. to 7 cm. Nowadays, flamenco shoe producers offer a wide variety of colors and fabrics for the shoes.

There are many stores in Madrid where you can find them: Gallardo, Senovilla, Artefyl, Luna Flamenca and Menkes located in the center of the city.

We kindly invite you to go to a tablao flamenco where you will see bailaores perform. And, to live the night in the very Spanish style, order some tapas and some wine! You’ll definitely have fun!

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