Where to drink gin and tonic in Madrid?

Since gin and tonic has become the trendiest cocktail, a have try hundreds of variations. Some of them were so strange that make me doubt whether they were or not gin tonics. I’m a fan of the classic!

Just as some mixtures, the story of the creation of the gin and tonic is also not very clear. The invention of sparkling water and fruit sodas by J. Schweppe & Co in 1783 revolutionized the beverage market. With the rise of pharmaceutical medicine, Johann Jacob Schweppe had the idea of ​​adding quinine to an orange soda, inventing tonic water. This new flavor not only conquered the market but also helped eradicate malaria in Europe.

Now comes the uncanny part of the story! It is say that a senior British official, based in India came with the idea of mixing gin and tonic to enhance the flavor of this spirit. The real story is that the British soldiers fighting in India added tonic water to their gin tonic trying alleviate the symptoms of malaria.

A glass with gin and tonic and some lemons

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GinMotive and Gin Tonic Fest Madrid

Leaving aside its origins, gin and tonic has proven to have many followers around the world. In Spain, they called it gin tonic –dropping the “and” makes the term even clearer in my opinion. The locals have fallen before its charms and now there are many bars offering gin tonic in their menus. There is also a fair organized every June in IFEMA called GinMotive and a festival called Gin Tonic Fest Madrid on July.

A gin tonic in a bar

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Where to drink the best gin and tonic in Madrid?

Madness is such that Madrid is possibly the best city in the world for gin tonic lovers! There is even a gin distilled in Spain, Gin Mare. It is mixed with the iconic flavors of the Mediterranean country to create a very fragrant gin.

La Casa del Pez

La Casa del Pez is an intimate bar in the Malasaña district. They offer classical gin & tonic, including a wide range of gins and tonics to select from. The prices are reasonable, even on the gin and tonic fever we are living on. The waiters are really friendly and fast, you will feel at home.


Calle de Jesús del Valle, 1. 28004 Madrid.

Getting here

Take subway line 2, get off Noviciados. Walk 30 meters to Calle del Pez and then three blocks east.


Monday to Sunday from 6:00 p.m. to 2:00 a.m.

Urban Hotel Terrace

Although possibly the serve the most expensive gin and tonic in Madrid, the idea to take your favorite drink while contemplating the bustling Gran Via at night is an unforgettable experience. Of course, they also prepare delicious, colorful and creative gin tonics.


Carrera de San Jerónimo, 34. Madrid 28014.

Getting here

You can either walk two blocks from Puerta del Sol o Sevilla Metro Madrid stations.

Del Diego

Del Diego is the cocktail bar of the famous barman Fernando del Diego. Here the cocktails are for experts only. The location is great, the furniture is retro chic and the atmosphere is awesome. They have a long list of gins to choose from and even interesting mixes.


Calle de la Reina, 12. 28004 Madrid.

Getting here

Take either Line 1 or 2 of the subway to Gran Vía. Then walk a block, turn left in the corner of Calle de la Reina.


Monday to Sunday from 7:00 p.m. to 3:30 a.m.

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