Las Ventas, Madrid Bullfighting

Madrid bullfight: the most useful FAQs about Las Ventas bullring

All visitors that want to attend a Madrid bullfight have to go to Las Ventas, one of the most famous places in Madrid and the most important bullring in Spain and the world. If you still don’t know where it is located, how to get there and other things related to it, here we give you some useful FAQs about this amazing stadium.

What’s Las Ventas bullring?

Las Ventas is the most important bullring in Madrid and Spain. It has a seating capacity of 23,798  and although it isn’t the biggest in the world, it  is considered to be the most relevant on the planet because of its prestige. All bullfighters that want to become No. 1 must complete a great performance in Las Ventas, in other words, be carried out through the Big Door (Puerta Grande) on people’s shoulders.

Where is it located?

Las Ventas is located in Alcala Street 247. The best way to get there is by Metro, getting off at Las Ventas Metro Station (Lines 2 and 5). There also are several bus routes that pass by there: 12, 21, 38, 53, 106, 110 y 146. If you want to get there by car you need to know that the M-30 highway is very close to it and you will have to take the exit 6 or 6A.

When can I attend a Madrid bullfight  there?

The season of bullfighting in Madrid begins in March and finishes in October. Between both months, there are bullfights every Sunday. Also, during the main fairs of the season, especially San Isidro in May, there are corridas almost everyday. Some special dates, such as August 15th and October 12th, they will also organize bullfights no matter which day of the week is.

Can I visit Las Ventas off season?

Yes. As this stadium is one of the most famous places in Madrid, Las Ventas Tour is a tourist pass that shows you the most important places of the bullring, so you can visit the stadium even if you don’t attend a bullfight.On this route, you will discover the Big Door, the terrace, the Tendidos Altos (the highest seats of the grandstands), the ring, the Puerta de Toriles (the door  bulls comes out of), the Puerta de Arrastre (the door where the dead bull goes out of), the nursing, the courtyard and the souvenirs shop.

Does it host other events?

Yes, Las Ventas is a perfect place to host other events. For instance, concerts. The most important national bands and singers, such as Alejandro Sanz or Fito & Fitipaldis. It also includes international groups like Maná and Iron Maiden,  that have played some of their best concerts in this stadium.

How can I buy tickets for a Madrid bullfight in Las Ventas?

Tickets are available in the box offices, but there  are usually queues and it isn’t comfortable. You could also run the risk of showing up to a sold out show if you don’t arrive early enough, especially during the San Isidro fair and other important bullfights. We recommend that you  book and buy your tickets in authorized partners, such as What to do in Madrid.

How much does a ticket cost?

It depends on the place you will sit and the bullfight you will attend. The cheapest shows are the so-called novilladas, which star young bulls and young toreros. The most expensive ones are the Sundays of San Isidro fair and some other corridas, like the Hispanity one. Of course, a great day in one of the most famous places in Madrid can’t be cheap.

What are the best seats in the grandstands?

This also depends on your likes. Some people prefer to watch the Madrid bullfight close to the ring, even if it could be considered a little risky/ Even with only a few times in history, there have been instances where the bull jumps the wall and approaches the nearest part of the grandstand. That’s why many people prefer to watch the show from the andanada, which is the mid-zone of the grandstand. Finally, some people like to stay at the highest seats of the bullring, the so-called Tendidos Altos. Why? Because they are covered places, which protect you from the rain, even if Madrid is a city where it only rains 59 days per year. It’s important to note that sunny seats and shady seats are clearly distinguished. In summer time, a sunny seat could be uncomfortable if you don’t have a cap and why they are cheaper than the shady seats.


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