Madrid bullfighting: improvements in Las Ventas bullring

One of the most important tourist attractions in Madrid, Spain,  Las Ventas bullring, is experiencing some major changes and improvements, especially within it.  While the seasonal break of bullfighting that takes place between November and February takes place, the government of the Community of Madrid is taking advantage of a plan to modernize the stadium and make it more interesting for bullfighting supporters and general tourists.

One of the places restored during this time is the Chapel. One of the nicest stops of the Las Ventas Tour, this space is used by bullfighters to pray before a corrida and has been changed over the years. Current projects are restoring the building to its original architecture. This religious place makes clear the relationship between spirituality and bullfighting.

Watching Madrid bullfighting will be more comfortable

People who attend a bullfight in Madrid will also find out these improvements, especially those who will sit at the so-called Tendidos Altos zone (the highest part of the grandstands). Until now, the water from the rain wasn’t properly canalized and a thin but uncomfortable waterjet sometimes fell to the people sitting at that zone. Now, a new canalization has been set, as the public of that zone demanded.

Another part of the technical improvements being made on the inside are the restrooms. They have been modernized and sanitized.  They are keeping their classic look but will have the standards of modern day plumbing as they deserve. Also being updated with a fresh coat of paint that has worn over the years are the corridors, gates and seats.

The nurses station will also be improved. As the place where the bullfighters and other members who face the bulls go to receive medical services when injured, they will be adding some advanced medical services. Apart from its medical importance, this is an interesting place to visit. As the local guides will explain you, some famous bullfighters have received emergency service right on that stretcher.

Madrid Bullfighting Museum will enlarge

Lan Venta, Madrid bullfighting arena

Bullfights in Spain

Being one of the most famous tourist attractions in Madrid, Spain, Las Ventas Bullring also has its own museum.  This Madrid Bullfighting Museum has undergone some improvements as well. For example, new shelving to display the most recent objects donated by bullfighters who have fought in the Las Ventas ring.  Some of the most admired objects that are already shown in this museum include the dress Manolete wore when he died in the bullring of Linares in 1947. Its library, located in Cossío Room, will also have more books and some of its shelves will be adapted to new places.

Dreaming bigger for this venue, the Government of the Community of Madrid wants to enlarge the Madrid Bullfighting Museum to make it one of the strongest tourist attractions in Madrid Spain.  The current museum was inaugurated in 1951 and hosts important art pieces as well. Drawings by Francisco de Goya representing ancient bullfights and statues by Mariano Benlliure, who is one of the most important sculptors of the city. The number of objects displayed currently is 250.

The local government holds the belief that with this enlargement they will see a projected increase of 30% more visitors to the museum. This gallery has already welcomed more than 24,000 people.  Aside from the Spanish fans, the majority of them come from France, Italy and the United States. Visiting the museum is a great way to understand the passion and risk involved the rich culture that is bullfighting, one that has remained throughout the years unchanged. The government is also contacting authorized agencies that sell tickets and  is making deals to encourage visitors to visit this museum.

In total, the Community of Madrid has already spent as nearly 650,000 euro on the improvements and the objective is having the bullring completely ready by the beginning of the season of Madrid bullfighting, in March 2014. As you may know, from March to October, there are corridas every Sunday and the peak of the season is San Isidro Fair, which is held during late May and early June.

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