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Madrid weather

Before packing your suitcase and taking flight, you should have a look at the information about Madrid weather. Don’t worry too much as the climate is usually nice. If you are unlucky and rain is forecast during your visit, there are alternative ways to enjoy your trip. Read this article to get as much information to help you plan accordingly.

General features of climate in Madrid

Madrid has a Mediterranean continental climate.  This means that it isn’t as mild as the Mediterranean nor as cold as the continental, but a nice mixture of both. One important feature is the variation of temperature during various times of the year. Summertime is pretty hot midday (more than 30 degrees Celsius)  and its not suggested to be out and about during that time. Conversely, in wintertime temperatures take a dramatic drop below 0 degrees Celsius.  Autumn and Spring are your best bet for lovely weather and are the best months to travel, as the temperature is usually mild and really nice, most notably in April and May.

Madrid Weather

Madrid Weather

Regarding the rain, Madrid is a very dry city. The average of rainy days is only 59 per year and the average of snow days, are only 3 or 4. The rest of the days, the sky is often clear. Otherwise, Madrid, Spain’s weather isn’t characterized by being windy nor humid.

Tips related to Madrid weather

Taking all this into account, we can give you some tips related to Madrid weather. If you are coming in July or August, don’t forget to put sunscreen inside your suitcase, because from 12.00 PM to 6.00 PM the sun is really strong in this city. Of course, use caps and fresh clothes, such as short sleeve T-shirts, skirts, shorts or sandals.

Meanwhile, if you are coming in January or February, wrap yourself carefully because a warm coat is really needed, as well as other accessories such as gloves, winter caps and scarfs, especially if you come from a country with a warm climate. Unlike other important cities of the world, Madrid Spain weather is really predictable, mostly because it doesn’t change all of a sudden. Check the info of Meteo because it is soot on most of the times.

The traffic gets tough when it rains, much more than usual, so try to avoid the Metropolitan highway called M-30 if you rent a car and choose the Metro serviceinstead of the bus service, as regular routes usually take longer. If you have no other choice but taking a motorbike or a bicycle, give yourself plenty of patience.

What to do if Madrid Spain weather is bad

If you aren’t very lucky and it doesn’t stop raining even for a day, don’t worry, you won’t waste your holiday because there are many things to do if Madrid Spain weather is bad. First of all, the variety of museums is huge. You will find masterpieces of paintings in the Golden Triangle of Art (Prado, Thyssen-Bornemisza and Reina Sofia museums). You will discover interesting facts about the history of the city in Madrid’s History Museum and San Isidro Museum and science and nature are waiting for you in places like CosmoCaixa or the National Natural Science Museum as well as the houses of important people of Madrid have become museums as well, such as the one of Lope de Vega, Joaquin Sorolla and Raton Perez.

Of course, Madrid also is famous for its Tapas Bars and its restaurants. So, if it’s raining you can take shelter in a bar and order a glass of wine, a caña of beer or just a coffee. Some of the liveliest boroughs for doing so are Sol (central Madrid), Barrio de las Letras (the streets around Calle Huertas and Plaza de Santa Ana), Tribunal and Malasaña (the streets around Calle Fuencarral), Chueca (the gay borough, around Chueca square) and Lavapies (the most international, around Plaza de Lavapies).

As you see, Madrid weather won’t dampen your travel plans. Just plan your activities and enjoy the attractions of one of the liveliest cities of the world.


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