Bus Tour in Madrid

 bus tour in Madrid is faster and most efficient mode of transportation

Bus Tour in Madrid is accessible avenues that can help travellers go to remote and hidden places faster and more efficient than any other transportation means. Because it is cheap and accessible, it is highly recommended for people who are not very familiar with Madrid.


EMT (Empresa Municipal de Transportese) is the name of the bus system handlers and/or public company that handles and manages Bus Tour in Madrid. Because of the technological advancements that have developed over time, EMT has been improving their technological services by offering applications suitable for phones, smartphones, and tablets with information regarding each bus stop. It has been a big help for travellers to be informed on their travel course. You can check the official website of EMT at http://www.emtmadrid.es/


There are 4 different buses in Madrid. Descriptions and details will be provided on each.


1. Regular Bus in Madrid


Painted in blue colour are Regular Buses in Madrid. Mapping over 196 lines, the course of regular buses is very long indeed. With those 196 lines, regular buses are sure to get to different tourist spots, business centres, universities, industrial parks and many other places. They are offering services from 6:30AM to 11:30PM with a regular frequency available every 5 to 10 minutes. Each bus is equipped with a ramp available for travellers in a wheelchair; Drivers must be notified prior to boarding the bus.


Ticket Price(s):

  • Single Journey: €1.50
  • 10 Trips: €12.20
  • 10 Trips (with transhipments): €18.30
  • *Transferrable Tickets: €8.40 (Zone A, 1 day) to €70.80 (Zone T, 7 days)
  • *You have the luxury to get off and on different buses on the duration period of the ticket.

2. Night Bus in Madrid


Painted in blue colour as well, Night Buses in Madrid works similarly as the regular ones. They are offering services from 11:30PM to 6:30AM with a frequency of 15-minute interval in weekends and 30-minute to 1-hour interval in mid-weeks. Prices are the same as the regular buses (refer to previous ticket prices). Night buses are commonly referred to as buho’ (‘owl’) because it resides in the evening. On the other hand, some buses are referred to as ‘buhometero’ that has the same route as Metro line but travels underground. This type of buses offer services every Friday night, Saturday night and the night before a holiday with a frequency of travel every 15 minutes.

3. Airport Bus in Madrid


Painted in yellow colour are referred to as Airport Buses in Madrid. They are sometimes commonly referred to as ‘Shuttle’. This is the only bus that links Central Madrid and the Airport with about 40 minutes travel time with a frequency available every 15 minutes during the day and approximately 35 minutes by night time. It is available whole day.

The route of airport buses starts in Atocha and stops at Plaza de Cibeles, O’Donnell street and Terminals 1, 2 & 3.

Ticket Price(s):

  • Single Journey: €5.00

4. Tourist Bus in Madrid


Painted in red and officially uncovered, Tourist Bus in Madrid is the only bus that offers privileged views from its roof especially built for tourist. They are also offering tour guides while travelling throughout the city.


There are two routes:

  • 1) Route 1, downtown (‘Madrid Histórico’): Gran Via, Puerta del Sol, Plaza Mayor, Calle Bailén, ecc.
  • 2) Route 2, northward (‘Madrid Moderno’): Salamanca District, Paseo de la Castellana.
    • Ticket prices depend on the age, number of travellers and discount rendered by your kids. The price ranges from €21.00 to €52.00.