Things to do in Madrid with Kids

Things to do in Madrid with kids

Traveling with children cand be difficult sometimes The trip won’t be as successful if they aren’t happy. It doesn’t have to be a worry for you because there are lots of things to do in Madrid with kids. Read this article to learn about interesting plans that the city offers to the youngest of tourists.

The Raton Perez’s House, a tradition for kids

When a child loses a tooth, they typically receive a present or a coin. This is a tradition carried out in most of the countries, and Spain isn’t an exception. In our case, the creature in charge of giving away that present is the Raton Perez, a magic mouse that was born in Madrid. We are lucky as his house has become one of the Madrid attractions for kids, whose rooms can be visited today.

In this small museum, children will discover the real story of Raton Perez. He helped the king Buby (the fake name of king Alfonso XIII when he was a very young prince). Buby was so scared of losing his tooth that the Royal Family of Spain asked the writer Luis Coloma to tell him the story of Raton Perez. The prince knew then that the mouse lived inside a box of biscuits at Marie Huntley&Palmers in Calle Arenal 8, where a bakery was located.

Things to do in Madrid with Kids

Things to do in Madrid with Kids

Today, that bakery has become a commercial gallery. The first floor hosts the Raton Perez’s House, where you can see the tooth of king Buby and a model of that box of biscuits, as well as paintings and objects that remind us of that lovely mouse.

Things to do in Madrid with kids in its fun parks

Madrid is full of parks and the best of all is that those parks are adapted for kids. The youngest members of the family will find classical swings and slides, but also amazing games that will surprise them.

Another noteworthy park is Madrid Rio Park, located along Manzanares River, not very far from the historic area. In this green area there are the so-called ‘imaginative games’. These are sculptures and objects designed not only to entertain boys and girls, but also to stimulate their imagination. A zip-line and balance games are also present in this park.

It’s also nice to spend time in Buen Retiro Park. Some of these Madrid attractions for kids allow having a picnic on the clean grass, a pond to row small boats or a little theatre where the Titirilandia Association organizes marionettes shows.

Adapted tours and shows for children

In this list of things to do in Madrid with kids, you should add an adapted tour. There are many fun ways to discover the history and the culture of a place, and in this case we are able to organize a tour adapted to the needs of the group, no matter the amount of the members.

In the billboard of Madrid, there are many  theater plays and shows focused on kids. The Teatro Circo Price (Ronda de Atocha 35) is an example. Important companies and shows such as the Cirque du Soleil and modern clowns usually amaze with their performances on this stage. The theatres of Gran Via often offer interesting plays for children too, especially during Christmas.

Other Madrid attractions for kids

Of course, many museums and galleries are also adapted for children. For instance, the Museo Nacional de Ciencias Naturales (Calle Jose Gutierrez Abascal 2), is a large building that displays amazing collections related to science. It is a place that will impress your kids if they are curious because the pieces are explained in a funny and didactic way. For example, skeletons of dinosaurs, videos that show the global diversity of animals and other resources that tell your kids all the secrets of nature.

Outer space is something that usually amazes kids. If this is the case with your children, you have two options. The Planetario (Avenida del Planetario 16), a big building in which special movies and interesting activities are organized, and CosmoCaixa (Calle Pintor Velazquez s/n), a modern science museum located in the adjacent village of Alcobendas.

As you see, you have have many things to do in Madrid with kids. What do you have in mind?


Find things to do in Madrid, Spain, one of the world’s trendiest destination.


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