Bicycle - the most popular means of transportation

Bicycles are a popular means of transportation when you are visiting Madrid. Nowadays, people are more enticed to ride a bicycle to get around the city. It has also become popular means to get around the city for those who are visiting the cityGetting a bicycle ride is a good solution for short distance travels especially when you don’t want to get stranded in long hours due to traffic.

The percentage of bicycles in the Madrilenian roads are less compared to other cities in Europe. Unlike Copenhagen or Amsterdam, users of bicycles in Madrid only comprise 0.5% of the entire population. This is even less compared to neighbouring city, Barcelona.

Madrid Bicycle Lanes

When visiting Madridbicycle riders can ride along more than 260 kilometres within bike lanes. However, these lanes are usually located in the city surroundings that do not link the boroughs downtown. Bicyclists should also be cautioned as traffic signs for these riders are scarce. Bicycles also share lanes with cars and buses. This means that a lot of care is needed to be able to safely get by. Nevertheless, it is a good way to exercise and less expensive way to explore the entire city.


There are other lanes that you can take when in the city and taking a bicycle ride. Among others, Anillo Verde Ciclista is a good choice as this road surrounds the city. Another lane that you take is the BuenRetiro Park to Calle Mayor. You can take that route through Calle Alcala and Puerta del Sol which are among the newest and most centrally located lanes.


Other Facts about Madrid Bicycles


Bicycle detractors in Madrid argue that the capital city is not a good place for a bike ride. In fact, they have raised issues that it is not a good way of alternative transport. This is because Madrid has a lot of slopes. The city lies on top of a hill making a bike ride steep and difficult to manoeuvre. Others say that the weather can become too cold on winter and too hot during summer making bike rides less comfortable. However, going for a bicycle ride with caution under the shade of tree canopies can overthrow these arguments.


Aside from economically getting by the city through bicycle transportation, tourists can get hold of a new experience when they travel to Madrid. Pro bicycle associations are working hard to promote bicycle transport. These associations are sensitizing drivers to be more careful as bikes also pass the same lanes. The group also aim to organize routes that would be more convenient to take from home to work and vice versa.


You should try the bicycle ride when you are in Madrid.This is a good way to complete your entire Madrilenian experience. It is advised to wear a helmet although it is not mandatory at the moment. If you want to get around during the night, make sure that the bicycle you rent has a reflective sticker as bikes and other vehicles share the same lanes