Retiro Park in Autumn

What to do in Madrid in November

November is a strange month! Usually people dedicated it to relax before the arrival of the holiday season. Provably, there is no better way to relax in November than travel; I can assure you that prepares you to prepare mentally and physically for the most hectic family holiday season. November is a little cold and […]

What to do in Madrid on one day

Madrid has a lot to offer! Reduce this long list to a route of a day is an arduous and complicated task. However, we succeeded. Here are our suggestions for those who have not rushed and cannot spend more time in Madrid. Wake up early to enjoy the rush hour in Puerta del Sol, the […]

What to do in Madrid in October

October has arrived and with it the autumn, the rain and the chilly. If you are visiting Madrid these days check our article on What to do in Madrid on a rainy day… it may be helpful! This month program is really promising. Madrid has many exciting events to offer for everybody. Let’s take a […]

A show in the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Madrid

What to do in Madrid in September

September is the beginning of wild mushroom, pumpkins and game season; three ingredients you can taste easily in almost every restaurant in Madrid. At this time, the city is back to normal, you will see people going to work and having business meetings; that means less lines in museums and any other city attractions. How is […]

Shopping in Madrid Outlets

Madrid is a trendy city and its people love fashion! There are many places to shop in Madrid downtown area, like Serrano Street where the trendiest designers have their stores or Gran Vía. But, if you are looking for juicy sales, definitely you have to go outside the city where the big premium outlets are. […]

What to do in Madrid in August

August is here! Vacations are here! August is the most common month when Spaniard take their vacations. If you visit Madrid on this time of the year, you will find a peaceful city, full of joy and parties. August Festivals The most significant summer festivals begin with the Feria de San Cayetano (2-8 August), continue […]

What to do in Madrid in July

July means music and entertainment in Madrid. Summer gets off to a good start in the city with concerts, exhibits and events. Let’s take a look to the most outstanding thing to do in Madrid in July. Madrid Gay Pride Madrid organizes from the July 2nd to July 6th the Madrid Gay Pride week or MADO, […]

Cuatro Torres Business Area is the most recently incorporation to Madrid skyline. As its name indicates –cuatro means four in Spanish- this business district has four towers: Torre Bankia, Torre Espacio, Torre de Cristal and Torre PwC. Now a days, Torre Bankia, with its 820 feet, is the tallest building in Spain. This skyscrapers mainly host offices, but PwC Tower holds a hotel, too.

Cuatro Torres Business Area

This four towers started to be built between 2004 and 2009, from that moment on they changed the city skyline forever. They are located at the end of Paseo de la Castellana and continue the incredible parade of modern building flanking this avenue. The area still under continuous expansion. The last building incorporated to the complex is the Madrid International Convention Center. It still under construction.

Getting to know the incredible architecture of Paseo de la Castellana is a must-to for architecture-lovers visiting Madrid. Take the bus number 147 at Nuevos Ministerios, get a seat next to a window and enjoy the amazing Madrid architecture.

Madrid Book's Fair stalls in the Retiro Park

What to do in Madrid in June

There are plenty of interesting things to do in Madrid in June. Spring is the perfect moment to come outside and enjoy having tapas in a terrace or a picnic in the Retiro Park. Check our suggestion for what to do in Madrid in spring. Decoaccion This curious fair takes the streets of Madrid from […]

Churros and hot chocolate

What to do in Madrid on a rainy day

Madrid can be consider a sunny city, but that does not mean rain never shows up. Some days along the winter and spring can be tricky to be a tourist in Madrid. Don’t worry we show you how keep yourself dry or enjoyed on a rainy day in Madrid. If you are worry about getting wet, […]

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