Las Ventas Bullring: Center of Bullfighting

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Although only third in the world yet the biggest in the country, Las Ventas bullring has been a significant one with the people’s great interest in bullfight. Festivities peak during spring at San Isidro’s Fair and with a carrying capacity of 25, 000, the facility also hosts such other activities as concerts, circus shows and the like.


Located at the tail- end of Salamanca borough, the place can be reached by a subway in Las Ventas Metro Station (Lines 2 and 5).


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History and HighlightsPhoto of Las Ventas Bullring in Madrid


Constructed from 1922 to 1931 and designed by Jose Espeliu, Las Vestas is a response to the increased interest in the sport. The first bullfight organized here was for charity purposes and since then has hosted celebrated events featuring esteemed fighters Joselito Luis Miguel Dominguin, Paquirri or Jose Tomas, among others.


The structure is made up of bricks providing it a red theme but the ceramics work in the facade, with color blue and green, gives it a different character. Adopting a Neo-Mudejar style of the Moorish art in Spain, the building draws all kinds of spectators, most notable of which is Ernest Hemingway, a bullfight lover himself, in mid- 20th century.


The general season begins in March and ends in October with bullfights every weekend. The most significant fights are held in spring during San Isidro’s fair, of which May 15 is marked as the central date.


Flexibility and impediments


Apart from bullfighting, Las Ventas also hosts other activities such as concerts like hat of Iron Maiden, AC/ DC, Coldplay, Diana Ross, Mark Knopler to cite some. The 2008 Davis Cup Finals was also held here with Rafael Nadal winning over United States player.


To add more excitement, a motorcycle show entitled Red Bull X Fighters is also being organized here. Complementing this are circus shows featuring different intricate skills. The facility, however, always has to be adoptive to whether condition as this impedes activities organized in it. A French company spearheaded the roofing of the arena but on January 28 2013, it collapsed with the cause still unknown. Continuation of the construction is still uncertain.