Madrid bullfighting: improvements in Las Ventas bullring

One of the most important tourist attractions in Madrid, Spain,  Las Ventas bullring, is experiencing some major changes and improvements, especially within it.  While the seasonal break of bullfighting that takes place between November and February takes place, the government of the Community of Madrid is taking advantage of a plan to modernize the stadium […]

Madrid Bullfighting

Madrid Local governments promote bullfighting in Madrid

Many foreign tourists wonder if bullfighting in Madrid is still an event that they can attend. And the answer is ‘Yes, of course!’. This region is one of the most passionate about this Spanish tradition and many official institutions and private associations promote it among people of all ages. The most important reason is that […]

Where to see Bullfighting in Madrid: Las Ventas

Take photo from: photo credit: como_un_pez_en_el_agua via photopin cc If you are interested in bullfighting in Madrid, there’s one place that you must visit–Las Ventas bullring. This is the stadium where the main corridas of the city take place and toreros from the whole world perform at their best. In this article you will […]

A Very International Bullfighting on October 12nd

Bullfighting News in Madrid October 12, 2013 Las Ventas bullring will host a very international ‘corrida’ on October 12nd. That day, Luis Bolivar, Sergio Flores and Paco Ureña will face the bulls of José Luis Pereda and La Dehesilla, which are always low and long-neck beasts. Luis Bolivar is a Colombian bullfighter who has had […]

Witness and Buy Bullfighting in Madrid Tickets offers you the best bullfighting in Madrid tickets. You may ask yourself what you will see with them, what kind of show you are going to attend. If you are a bullfighting fan, you will already know how this spectacle develops. But if this is going to be your first time, you’ll have to […]

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