Madrid Bullfighting

Madrid Bullfighting schedule 2014

Little by little, we are discovering more details about Madrid bullfighting in 2014. Taurodelta, the company in charge of organizing the shows, has given information regarding the next months in Madrid bullring, Las Ventas.

According to Taurodelta and the local authorities, there will be sixty-five bullfights in Madrid in 2014. Of the 65 corridas, 35 of them will be traditional bullfights*, 25 novilladas**, 4 rejoneadores*** show and 1 recortadores**** contest. Buy now your tickets for any bullfight in 2014 in Madrid.

*Tradicional bullfight: six bulls that are fought by three bullfighters.

**Novilladas: It is a traditional corrida, but the bulls are younger (bullock) and the toreros aren’t bullfighters yet because of their youth as well.

***Rejoneadores are shows on which the bull is fought by a bullfighter riding a horse.

****Recortadores are young guys face the bulls with no tools or weapons and dodge the assaults of the animals by jumping or moving aside.

This season starts on March 23rd and finish on October 12th. During this period, there are shows in Las Ventas every Sunday. As usual, the peak of the season will be San Isidro Fair that takes places during the month of May and June.

Madrid Bullfighting schedule 2014

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San Isidro Fair

San Isidro Fair cartel (agenda) contains 31 bullfights in Madrid. The most important corridas will be La Corrida de la Comunidad de Madrid on May 2nd, La Corrida de la Hispanidad on October 12th and La Corrida de la Beneficencia in June. La Corrida de la Hispanidad that takes places on Columbus Day will gather the best Latin American toreros in Las Ventas. Meanwhile,  La Corrida de la Beneficencia will be extra special this year regarding the presence of Enrique Ponce, after six years out of the arena.

Madrid Bullfighting Tickets

Taurodelta has also explained how the season tickets can be purchased in 2014. People will be able to buy a pack of shows choosing how many bullfights in Madrid they want to attend.  The public will also have the chance to mark the specific shows they will see live in Las Ventas bullring. Tourists will be able to buy single tickets and group tickets. Take a look and check the availability for your dates and buy your Madrid bullfighting Tickets. If you are visiting Madrid and you want to know How to buy tickets for a bullfight, check this post.

Bullfighting in Madrid 2014

In 2014, Las Ventas bullring wants to become one of Madrid main attractions by organizing cultural activities, such as conferences and exhibitions around bullfighting. In fact, Las Ventas Museum will be expand soon and the inaugural exhibit will be about Gallito and Belmonte –the legendary duet of fighters that impressed Madrid one hundred years ago.

Also, Las Ventas will award Manuel Benitez ‘El Cordobes’ for his career with a big celebration. Finally, the facility is proud to continue offering its new product “Las Ventas Tour”, a cultural tour around bullfighting and bullfighter in Madrid. Last year, this incredible attraction was visited by over 75,000 tourists.

2014 will be a year of surprises and amazing shows en Las Ventas Madrid. Apart from Enrique Ponce, the public is eager to see top bullfighters like El Juli, Padilla and Jose Tomas (who is considered to be the best bullfighter in the world, but only fights one or two times a year).

Madrid Bullfight Schedule 2014: Dates and Times

Sunday, August 24th, Traditional bullfight.

Sunday, August 31st, Novillada.

September: Eight Nations Cycle of Young Bulls

Sunday, September 7th, Traditional bullfight.

Sunday, September 14th, Novillada.

Sunday, September 21st, Traditional bullfight.

Sunday, September 28th, Novillada.

October: Autumn Festival and Hispanic Bullfight

Thursday, October 2nd, Novillada.

Friday, October 3st, Traditional bullfight.

Saturday, October 4th, Traditional bullfight.

Sunday, October 5th, Traditional bullfight.

Sunday, October 12th, Traditional bullfight.

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