Madrid for vegans

Although Spaniards seem to feed themselves only with meat and dairy products, Madrid has a wide range of vegetarian and vegan restaurants. Being a vegan is something quite difficult to understand by a people who think a vegetarian sandwich include eggs and tuna. Yes! Spaniards …

Iberico Ham vs Serrano Ham

Iberian or Iberico ham is a traditional product of Spanish cuisine; its uniqueness lies in the Iberian pig breed chosen. The Iberian Pig is distinguished from other species by its uniform black color and hair shortage. Iberian pigs feed on acorns from October to January …

Gourmet markets in Madrid

Now a days, gourmet markets are some of the top Madrid attractions. Former flea and groceries markets, this structures have been reformed in a very modern way in order to host food stalls that sell gourmet food and drink, as well as bars that serve you wonderful …

Platea Madrid

Platea Madrid is really difficult to define. It is neither a market nor a restaurant. It is the place to be if you want to try the best food in Madrid. Located in the former Carlos III movie-theater and turns into the best gastronomic venue …

The best Curry in Madrid

Curry meal in Tadoori Station Madrid

Curry has become one of Madrid locals’ favorites’ food. The amount of Indian, Malayan and Thai restaurants has increase in Madrid in the past years. For those of you that haven give a chance to curry, let me explain you a little bit about.

What is curry?

Curry is the generic term for a wide variety of dishes whose origins are Southeastern Asia. They all have in common a mix of spices and a cooking method. The main spices included in curry powder are turmeric, coriander and cumin, but also it include a wide range of additional spices depending on the personal recipe.

The best Curry in Madrid

Of course, where to eat the best Madrid curry is a matter of how you like it. Anyway I will recommend your two of the best Asian restaurant in Madrid. Tandoori Station, located in Salamanca district, is probably the best place to eat curry in Madrid. They have a wide variety of Hindi dishes, great service and a very well decorated restaurant. Oam Thong, in Corazón de María Street, is the best Thai restaurant in Madrid; their curries are great and prices are good.