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Famous Flamenco Dancers

Each bailaor understands and expresses differently the art of flamenco. There are several worldwide known flamenco bailaores and each of them has their particular attributes and essential qualities that make them exceptionally unique.

Iliana Sfeir will present you four famous bailaores that have spread flamenco across the world.

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Sara Baras

Sara Baras was born in Cadiz, Spain and started her studies of flamenco with her mother, Concha Baras. She performed for the first time in Los Niños de la Tertulia with a group of young dancers directed by her mother. She reached an amazing combination of great technique and deep interpretation of this art and was awarded various prizes. She has worked with important artists and became part of great flamenco companies. Nowadays she is renowned as a great dancer and choreographer and she diffuses the magic of his art though her spectacles that are always full of the essence and creativity that characterize this amazing bailaora.

María Pagés

María Pagés was born in Seville, Spain and is an internationally known bailaora who has transformed the most traditional aspects of flamenco into the most amazing modern sense of this dance as a cultural expression. She started her professional career in the company of Antonio Canales and worked with many renowned artists. She was awarded prizes for her remarkable way of bringing the roots of flamenco to the contemporary way of perceiving and expressing this culture. She founded her company and she has created phenomenal shows that reflect the talent and brilliance of this extraordinary dancer.


Farruquito comes from a very traditional flamenco family. He has always been in touch with the deepest roots of this culture. He performed for the first time at the age of 8 in Broadway with the show Flamenco Puro and created his own spectacle Raíces Flamencas when he was only 15 years old. He has shown the essence of flamenco in his career as a professional bailaor. His virtuosity and strength are astonishing and have defined him as one of the best traditional bailaores of the world.

Joaquín Cortés show

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Joaquín Cortés

Joaquín Cortés was born in Córdoba, Spain and started his studies in Madrid at the age of twelve. Three years later he became part of the Ballet Nacional de España and started performing as a soloist. He continued his career as bailaor and shared stage with many of the greatest artist of the moment. He has traveled the world bringing flamenco to other countries. In 1992 he founded his own company and came up with delightful shows that have been performed in various theaters of the world. He showed flamenco to the world and always transmitted his virtuosity on stage. Currently, he continues developing interesting dance projects with his company.

These amazing artists are always on tours around Spain and other countries showing their work. You can always watch a flamenco show and be in contact with this fascinating culture. So, live the flamenco experience and enjoy a performance while eating a delicious Spanish dinner in one of the great tablaos in Madrid.

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