Flamenco Outfit

Definitely, the best way to enjoy flamenco in Madrid is going to a traditional tablao and watching a flamenco show while eating some typical Spanish food.

If you have seen flamenco bailaoras and have found their costumes charming, let yourself be fond of this article written by the bailaora Iliana Sfeir in which the flamenco outfit and its accessories are nicely described.

The costumes that bailaoras wear are quite charming and particular, and they are also one of the most characteristic features of this dance. Most of them are very colorful and bright, trimmed with flounces and fringes.

But there is one significant detail regarding the outfits: they will depend on the palo (the kind of rhythm and style of music) the bailaora will perform. If they are dancing a kind of lively palo such as Alegrías, Tangos, Caracoles or Guajiras, the outfit will be really bright, full of colors and with many accessories. On the other hand, if they are dancing a strong and deep palo such as Soleá, Tientos or Seguirillas, the outfit will be more solemn with dark colors.

In addition to the dress itself, bailaoras wear many appealing accessories that make them look truly striking. These accessories can be combined and put in different positions on the head to embellish the bailaora. These accessories are flowers, combs and earrings. All of them come in assorted colors and shapes.

Flamenco Show in Madrid

Besides the accessories, bailaoras use different elements while dancing, and they give them an important role during the performance.

The fan

Bailaoras dance using the fan by moving it as they move their hands with the wrists. The round movements of the fan give a special grace to the bailaora who moves it as she dances following the music.

The Manila shawl

Bailaoras make the shawl dance by moving it and creating many beautiful shapes in the air. The flowers and the fringes of the shawl fly enchantingly as the bailaora dances.

Bata de cola

It is an elegant and graceful skirt with a very long tail that the bailaora moves up and down making various motions as she performs.

Madrid flamenco dance show


All of these accessories and elements form part of the flamenco outfit that bailaoras wear and use. Each of them has a particular charm and enhances the beauty of the dance.

There are many places in Madrid where you can find all the accessories and elements mentioned above. In the area of Antón Martín, getting off the subway station with the same name, you will find Lola Almela, Keflamenca and Arte Fyl. They are three small stores with varieties of flamenco clothing and accessories. Also, if you get off the subway station Puerta del Sol and walk towards the Opera, you will find a very big dance store called Maty. These four stores, located in the center of Madrid, have all kind of accessories and elements that form part of the flamenco outfit. If you visit them, you will definitely be delighted and, for sure, besides finding every item of the flamenco outfit, you will enjoy walking the center of the city!

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