Flamenco Madrid

The instruments of flamenco. Flamenco Madrid

We have already talked about the origins and the dresses of flamenco in Madrid, but there are many other things that will impress you. Some of them are the instruments that make this music possible, especially the flamenco guitar, the cajón and the castanets. In this article you will discover all you need to know […]

Real Madrid Tickets

Real Madrid famous players

Thanks to Real Madrid tickets that you can buy from What to do in Madrid, you will be able to admire some of the best football players of today. Every year, this club has the highest budget that allows it to bring in and hire the big stars.  Gareth Bale among those, was able to […]


Everybody is talking about David Muñoz. This Spanish chef is the founder of one of the most surprising restaurants in Madrid: DiverXO. He has recently won its third Michelin star, becoming the only restaurant in Madrid to achieve that trophy. The secrets to its success are imagination and creativity. The dishes of DiverXO are much […]

Fitur: International Tourism Fair in Spain

Once a year, people in the capital of Spain have the chance to visit all of the countries without leaving the city.  Fitur is an international fair that gathers tourism offices from the whole globe. Visitors can not only learn about the attractions of those destinations, but also enjoy experiences related to them. That’s why […]

Paella in Madrid:Tips to Cook the Perfect Dish

As we wrote in previous articles, a paella in Madrid is a very popular tradition in many other regions of Spain, but especially along the Mediterranean Sea. This popularity isn’t by chance, its a dish that can be personalized by everyone in its coloring and taste. We will give you some tips to cook your […]

Red kangaroos, New Madrid attractions in Faunia

Beginning recently, Madrid attractions has a new and surprising member, the red kangaroo. Five animals of this particular breed, who hail from Australia, have found a new house inside this little Madrid’s zoo. This is a very good chance to see this unique mammal, whose special characteristics  are the size and the colour of the […]

Where to see Bullfighting in Madrid: Las Ventas

Take photo from: http://www.flickr.com/photos/comounpezenelagua/2482041829/ photo credit: como_un_pez_en_el_agua via photopin cc If you are interested in bullfighting in Madrid, there’s one place that you must visit–Las Ventas bullring. This is the stadium where the main corridas of the city take place and toreros from the whole world perform at their best. In this article you will […]

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