Casa de Campo Park

The Casa de Campo is the biggest public park in Madrid. It is located in the western area of the city, nearby La Latina neighborhood. It is 1722.6 ha. -five times New York Central Park. It was created as a hunting private area for the Spanish monarchy, but in 1931 was turn into a public area.Madrid from Casa de Campo Lake

There are several attraction inside the Casa de Campo Park, like Madrid Zoo, Madrid Aquarium, Amusement Park, Madrid Arena Stadium, and a cable car. One of the most popular area in the park is the Casa de Campo Lake.


The entrance to Casa de Campo Park is free.


Casa de Campo Park opens every day at 8:30 a.m. and closes after sunset.

Getting here

Casa de Campo Park is connected by public transportation to the city. Take Metro Madrid , line 10 to stop Casa del Campo. If you want to visit the lake take until spots Lago or Puerta del Ángel. Also you can take buses 31, 33, 36, 39, 65 and 138. Check our tips to improve you way around on Madrid public transport.

Lake Casa de Campo

In the XIX century the city decided to made one lake out of five different artificial pond created in 1563. They were used to provide water to the Royal Palace, but also as a recreational area –kayaking in summer and ice skating in winter. One of the five pond was also used as a fish farm and a fishing area.

Now a days the lake is one of Madrid people beloved area for spending a summer day. The actual lake is completely artificial and has a capacity of 165,000 cubic liters. Its area is 70 sq. yard, but only 10 feet deep. Kayaking, fishing and swimming are mainly the activities that can be done in the lake.

Madrid Amusement Park

This amusement park was built in 1868, being the first of its kind in Spain. The main part of the park is what we can called a vintage park. There is a new venue called Nickelodeonland where all the rides are based on a cartoon character, like Sponge Bob, Dora the Explorer or Jimmy Neutron. The park has a great Ferris wheel, a carousel, a hunting house dating from the original park attractions, three huge roller coasters (Flume-Ride, the Aladino, and The Condor).

If you are visiting Madrid with your children, this is a great place to spend time with them while being part of the city history. The park a good restaurants area and is fully equipped for families with children and special need guests.


The amusement park is inside Casa de Campo Park.

Opening Hours

The park in January and February only open on weekends. The rest of the year the schedule changes from month to month. Normally the zoo open daily from noon to 8:00 p.m.

Getting Here

Even if you have a car, we recommend you come to the park by public transport, especially on weekends. The nearest metro station is Batan (Line 10), but can also take buses 33 and 64.

Gastronomy Avenue

Located in the old Madrid Convention Center facilities, the Paseo de la Gastronomía or Gastronomy Avenue is one of the best places to eat in the city. The best restaurants are along the Calle Principal de las Provincias. If you want to get the best deals it is better to book a table for lunch.

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