Things to do in Madrid in December

There are many things to do in Madrid in December. This city lives Christmas with passion and devotion. In this article we will tell you some of the activities that you can enjoy if you visit the capital of Spain in the month of December. Markets, Nativity scenes, shopping and plays of theatre are just a few suggestions.

Christmas Market in Plaza Mayor

The Christmas Market in Plaza Mayor is one of the oldest traditions in Madrid. This magnificent square, which hosts concerts, fairs and other events the rest of the year, shows its best face during Christmas. Hundreds of stands offer a variety of things for all interests. These include: artisanal works, fashion accessories adapted to this special period, costume accessories such as wigs, caps and Santa attire, among many other things.

It’s also worth visiting this market because the Plaza Mayor, which is a symbol of the Austrians borough, is highly decorated with lights and Christmas ornamentation everywhere. The City Hall decks the common parts and the locals of the square mimick the same in their windows and balconies. The result is probably the most picturesque view of the city.

Nativity Scenes Exhibition

Many people from other cities and other countries come to Madrid to attend the Nativity Scenes Exhibition. This exhibition can be seen in different official buildings, such as municipal museums and administrative headquarters.

Some of the most visited Nativity Scenes are located in the Madrid’s History Museum. San Isidro Museum, Plaza Mayor, Cultural Center Fernando Fernán Gómez and Casa de Correos stands out because of its size. In 2013,notable Nativity Scene by Francisco Salzillo is a very valuable Baroque work, which can be visited in CentroCentro gallery until February 2nd.

Things to do in Madrid

Things to do in madrid

Another curious tradition for kids is Cortilandia. The department store El Corte Inglés sets an original Nativity Scene every year, using animated characters like animals, fairies and friendly monsters in lieu of the historic characters of the Virgin Mary and Saint Joseph. That’s why it is always full of kids. It is located in Calle Maestro Victoria, right in front of the rear facade of Calle Preciado’s El Corte Ingles.

Other things to do in Madrid in December: Plays of Theatre

Madrid also takes advantage of the Christmas season by including theater plays that remind us of this familiar period. The stages of Gran Vía and other downtown avenues are host to  shows that can be attended by children, parents and grandparents.One such example is The Nutcracker. The villages of Madrid surroundings also offer many adapted plays as well.

Many concert halls organize a lot of things to do in Madrid in December that are Christmas oriented and loved by all ages. These concerts are performed by famous orchestras that delight the ears with Classical pieces. One such example is the Orquesta Sinfonica de Madrid.The Royal Theater, one of the greatest theaters of the city, hosts special shows for Christma In contrast, the Zarzuela Theater organizes a Christmas Concert every year in collaboration with the Community of Madrid Orchestra and the Zarzuela Theater Choir.

A good time for shopping

Madrid also becomes the capital of shopping at Christmas. The central streets fill with people eager to buy their presents, especially Calle Preciados, Calle Arenal and Calle del Carmen. All of them are around Puerta del Sol, where you can also find a modern Christmas tree.

Music, fashion, books, toys and many other things are present in the shops of this area, especially inside the department store El Corte Ingles. With high expectations during this period of sales, the begin date as been moved up to January 1st, instead of the normal January 6th. You can now buy your presents at a reduced price earlier.

Other streets famous for its Christmas shopping are Serrano and Ortega y Gasse.These are  located in Salamanca square, where the most prestigious brands and the most exclusive jewelries have unique shops. On the other hand, Calle Fuencarral is also popular because of its alternative fashion boutiques.

As you see, you will find many things to do in Madrid in December, as this is a very touristic period that attracts people from all over the world.