Buen Retiro Park: Remnant of the Old

 Visit Buen Retiro Park Madrid

Photo of Buen Retiro Park in MadridBuen Retiro Park is a place to visit in Madrid with its perfect location and features showing distinct characters. It is bounded by Salamanca borough in the north and east, Atocha Railway in the south, Prado Museum in the west and Alcala gate in the northwest. The place is reachable by a ride on Retiro Metro Station (Line 2) or simply, by bike.


Historical Origin


Buen retiro Park is the garden of the Buen Retiro Palace, which was constructed under King Philip IV. Unfortunately for the structure, it suffered huge damage during the War of Independence against the troop of Napoleon Bonaparte and the Spanish Civil War, retaining only the garden, Cason del Buen Retiro (now a part of the Prado Museum), and Salon de Reinos (now a part of the Spanish Army Museum).


Highlights and Thrills


The park also boasts a lot of attractions, one of which is the pond where tourist can ride on a boat from the foot of King Alfonso XII’s monuments. Should Madrid host the 2020 Olympics, the place is likely to be the venue of beach volleyball.


Apart from this, anyone can also enjoy skating activities and organizing picnics with the green sceneries. The newest innovation is the Forest of the Departed, a holy park to remember the victims of the 11- M attack.


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Home of Magnificent Sculptures


Several monuments can be seen in the park such as the unique sculpture Fountain of the Fallen Angel- the only one to represent Lucifer, built by Ricardo Bellver in 1887 and has since been a symbol of afterlife lovers.


Another attraction are the Crystal Palace, erected in 19th century, and Velazquez Palace, a place for contemporary art exhibitions- both of which designed by Ricardo Velazquez Bosco. Ruins of the San Isidro Church, Royal Porcelain Factory and the Statue Walk, an attraction decorated with sculptures of Spanish monarchies previously situated in the Royal Palace, are the other highlights of the park.