Activities to do in Madrid

Booking in Madrid in advance: the most popular activities to do

There are several activities to do in Madrid, being the biggest and liveliest in Spain. Because of that, it comes with an abundance of tourists during any busy season and so activities book quickly. This calls for you to book yours early! Continue reading here to find out how to book and buy the best plans for tourists in Madrid.

Booking in Madrid to make sure you’ll have a ticket

Bullfighting is one of the most popular and requested events in the city,  not only for tourists but for locals as well. This is why we recommend you booking a ticket several months before the show. If you try to buy it at the box offices of Las Ventas stadium, you could find that all the tickets are sold out. What to do in Madrid is one of the agencies that gets you tickets for any corrida and for any zone of the stadium.


Activities to do in Madrid

Activities to do in Madrid

Flamenco shows are amazing plans for couples and families. As the tablaos (concert halls) are usually small, they are often filled to capacity.. You’d best bet is to contact  an agency before, to make sure you’ll have a ticket. We also recommend being informed about the special music before booking in Madrid a show. This way you will be able to appreciate all the details of the performance.

Flamenco shows aren’t the only concerts in Madrid. Pop stars and big bands often reserve one or two dates of their international tours to play a concert here. Depeche Mode, Bruno Mars or Bon Jovi are some of the groups that have been in Madrid recently. and are online sellers for these kinds of shows.

We must not forget sporting events. These are unforgettable activities to do in Madrid, as the tickets often include other plans beyond a simple match. For instance, a tour along the stadium and a visit to the museum. In What to do in Madrid we offer you Real Madrid tickets and Atletico de Madrid tickets,  with whose club we are official partners.

Booking in Madrid to avoid queues

There are other activities to do in Madrid where tickets are available but often times the wait is quite long. Booking in advance will save you a lot of time and sometimes a little bit of money.

One such example would be the exhibitions of important museums such as the Prado, the Reina Sofia and the Thyssen-Bornemisza. Their websites allow you to book and buy tickets for a specific exhibition, which you can validate directly at the entrance of the gallery without waiting the queue of the box office. The City Council also offers you a special pass called Madrid Card, by which you can get in to those museums and other monuments like the Royal Palace directly.

You should take into account the matter of transportation. If you buy a tourist pass in advance, you won’t have to worry about how to get around Madrid anymore. Just think about how many days you’ll  be staying in the city and buy the pass that most suits your needs. The Madrid Card also includes some services related to transportation in the city.

This advice is also applicable for the journeys outside Madrid. If you want to go to Toledo, Avila or Segovia, try to buy your bus or train ticket in advance. The High Speed service AVE is very popular in Spain, so you could find that all the cars are full when you had planned to be on the train.

And finally, if you are part of a group you can also book in advance one of the loveliest activities to do in Madrid, a  lunch or a dinner. Some websites are specialized in booking in Madrid these kinds of services., and,  are a few and they also often offer discounts and special suggestions. As you see, you will avoid any problems if you book your plans in advance and be able tol take advantage of every minute of your day.

Find things to do in Madrid, Spain, one of the world’s trendiest destination.


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