Palace boutique hotel in Madrid

The top 5 Boutique Hotels in Madrid

Madrid has developed its tourist sector quite a lot in the past decades. This means that many hotels have been built in the city, some of them really luxurious. Currently, old and modern lodgings can be seen and booked, and both of them will amaze you. This is a small list of the top 5 boutique hotels in Madrid, although there are many more.

Ritz Hotel: the pioneer in Spain

Ritz Hotel is the pioneer of luxury hotels in Spain. It was built in 1910 and is located in a privileged place, in Canovas del Castillo Square (also known as Neptuno Square), right in front of the Prado Museum. It serves as the lodging for Prime Ministers, artists and investors as well, and we have to take into account that the building of the Spanish Stock Exchange (La Bolsa) is located a dozen of metres away from it. It also serves as cinema stage for many films. Address and main services: Plaza de la Lealtad 5. Restaurant, bar, gym, free Wi-Fi, free parking, business center.

Ritz boutique hotel in Madrid

Ritz Hotel

Westin Palace Hotel: the rival of the Ritz Hotel

Two years later, in 1912, the Palace Hotel was inaugurated in Madrid, right in front the Ritz Hotel. That’s why there is a traditional rivalry between  them. While the Ritz Hotel has a profuse decoration, the Palace shows a more sober design. On the other hand, its hall is really rich and wonderful, with glass and iron work. Even if this is one of the oldest boutique hotels in Madrid, it can be considered a pioneer in luxury services. For instance,a  few years ago the first gold’s ingot vending machine was released here. Address and main services: Plaza de las Cortes, 7. Restaurant, gym, free Wi-Fi, business center, bus service.

 Palace boutique hotel in Madrid

Boutique hotels in Madrid: Westin Palace

Urban Hotel

Not all the boutique hotels in Madrid are old, not even in this square, the Barrio de las Letras borough. An example is the Urban Hotel.This is an avant-garde building, entirely made of iron and glass, located right in front the Congress of Deputies (the Spanish Parliament). Address and main services: Carrera de San Jeronimo 34. Restaurant, gym, business center, swimming pool, bus service.

hotel urban madrid

Urban Madrid: one of the modern boutique hotels in Madrid

ME Reina Victoria Hotel: a white jewel in central Madrid

The ME Reina Victoria Hotel is a white jewel located in Santa Ana Square, in Central Madrid. Right in front of Español Theatre and in the heart of Barrio de las Letras borough, its building shines day and night. Address and main services: Plaza de Santa Ana 14. Restaurant, gym, business center, free Wi-Fi, pets allowed.

ME Reina Victoria boutique hotel in Madrid

Boutique hotels in Madrid: ME Reina Victoria

Silken Puerta de America: the most colourful of the city

On the other hand, one of the most colourful boutique hotels in Madrid is Silken Puerta de América. It was built in 2002 and it was one of the most innovative in the city. In fact, it has won three Pritzker awards thanks to its design. Each of its 12 floors was designed by a famous artist (like Norman Foster and Victorio&Lucchino) in a different way. Address and services: Avenida de America 41. Restaurant, gym, business center, swimming pool.

Silken Puerta America boutique hotel in Madrid

Boutique hotels in Madrid: Silken Puerta America

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