Fuencarral Street is a lively city. In this article we tell some stuff to do in Madrid around this area, especially going shopping in its shops

Going shopping to Fuencarral Street in Madrid

Going shopping is always an interesting idea for stuff to do in Madrid. Prices are usually lower than other cities and countries of Europe, but the products and the trends you can find in the shops are the most current trends. In a previous article we talked about areas to go shopping in the capital (downtown, Salamanca borough and AZCA), but in this article you will learn more about the most alternative and modern avenue to buy your favourite clothes – Fuencarral Street.

Where is

This is a central street located in one of the liveliest zones of the city. It begins in Gran Via Street, not too far from Puerta del Sol. You can reach Fuencarral Street by getting off at two different Metro Stations: Gran Via (Line 1 and 5) and Tribunal (Lines 1 and 10). There are also many bus lines that pass by Gran Via Street.

Between two cheerful boroughs (Chueca and Malasana), it lends itself to making this a very lively spot. In them, you will find some of the typical things to do in Madrid.  Things like, tapas, drinks and partying. Chueca is the meeting point for the gay community, especially during the Pride Gay festivities. In Malasaña you will find a very alternative and modern atmosphere.

Before immersing in Fuencarral Street, you can discover a couple of interesting anecdotes related to this avenue. One being the crosswalk that links Montera and Fuencarral streets through Gran Via. It is considered to be the widest in the country, measuring 25 metres wide! However, this is not the only record in the area. The building called Edificio Telefonica in 28 Gran Via, right at the beginning of Fuencarral Street, was the highest of Europe at the time of its construction (the 20s of 20th century), measuring 88 metres tall.

Fuencarral as a symbol

Fuencarral Street represents a symbol for the new tourism in the country.  One of the favourite things to do in Madrid Spain,  for those who come here is to go shopping, and the local and national governments are pushing it. Competitive prices are at the heart of a lively zone and it makes a very good argument to come walk around in this area.

Fuencarral Street

Fuencarral Street is a lively city.

On this avenue you will find both local and international branches, something for the younger and modern-fashioned crowd are looking for. For instance, you will be able to buy Misako bags in, sport clothes from Quicksilver and the Adidas Official store or alternative sneakers in VAS. For those who want to acquire luxury products, there are other shops like Swarovski that sell accessories and jewels of high quality.

Fuencarral Market is the heart of this area. This is a small commercial center that gathers alternative shops and boutiques representing the latest trends. Close to it, you will find a cozy square where you will be able to have lunch or dinner, or just have a coffee.

Fuencarral after shopping

Apart from shopping, there are different things to do in Madrid Fuencarral after making your purchases. If it is getting late into the night, you can head towards Plaza del Dos de Mayo, where you will find a young atmosphere with pubs and bars in which you will be able to have a cup, a beer, a wine or whatever drink your heart desires.

If you like top quality food, you can have a gourmet experience in San Anton Market, which is located in the heart of Chueca borough. You can buy special food and also have lunch and dinner in the restaurant located on the roof, named la Cocina de San Antón. One of the unique aspects of high interest in eating here, is that you can request that the chefs prepare the foods that you purchased in the market just before coming.  So, you have the choice of your own food prepared or to take suggestions from the chefs themselves.

If you prefer to experience the culture of this area, there are things to do in Madrid Spain that will also be of interest.  For instance, you can attend an exhibition in Espacio Telefonica, at the ground floor of the skyscraper Telefonica Building. You can also visit Madrid’s History Museum, where you will discover models and maps that will show you how the city was in years past. Finally, if you prefer gaming, for stuff to do in Madrid  in Fuencarral, we suggest to you playing cards and other games in Casino Gran Via, at the beginning of the street.

Find things to do in Madrid, Spain, one of the world’s trendiest destination.


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