Madrid tourist spots in Plaza de Colon: a square full of attractions

In Plaza de Colon you will find many Madrid tourist spots, even if this square isn’t  part of the ancient historic center of the city. This interesting place spreads right in the middle of two important avenues, Paseo de Recoletos and Paseo de la Castellana, and at the foot of Salamanca borough. This is the best place in the capital for luxury shopping. In this article you will discover some of the main attractions in Madrid located in this square.

Plaza de Colon: a square full of attractions

Plaza de Colon is also famous for hosting the biggest Spanish flag in the country

First of all, we must talk about the statue in the center of the square. It lends its name to this place, Christopher Columbus.The sculpture of this historic sailor who explored America stands up in the middle of the traffic roundabout. Columbus, unlike the statue in Barcelona where he is pointing towards America, here he is holding a Castilian flag, is leaning on a globe and shows a conciliatory gesture. The pedestal was designed in a Neo-Elizabethan Gothic style to be a reminder of the period of his voyages. The entire complex is made of Italian marble.

Plaza de Colon is also famous for hosting the biggest Spanish flag in the country, which is 14 metres wide and 21 metres long, sustained on a tall mast 50 metres high. That’s why this place is considered a perfect place for the citizens to show their pride of Spain, through events and manifestations. In fact, when the Spanish National team won the 2008 Euro Cup, all the celebrations took place here.

This flag stands up in a place called Jardines del Descubrimiento (Discovery Gardens), which is one of Madrid tourist spots. In this area  you can find a monument commemorating America’s exploration by Spanish expeditions. Underground, below this space where skaters meet up to jump together, there’s also an important cultural centre called Fernando Fernan Gomez. They organize exhibitions, concerts and theater plays here.

Other Madrid tourist spots in Plaza de Colon

These aren’t the only Madrid tourist spots in Plaza de Colon. On the southern side of this square you will find the National Library, one of the main attractions in Madrid, especially for those who love culture and books. This building, constructed in the late 19th century in a Neo-Classical style, hosts about 30 million publications, including books, magazines, drawings, brochures, and tabs.  Among all these, it’s worth mentioning first editions of universal books such as Don Quixote, some manuscripts by Leonardo da Vinci and historic publications edited in Spain. It also organizes temporary exhibitions.

Crossing the road, you will also discover some of the main attractions in Madrid for kids and for those who love spontaneity. The Museo de Cera (Waxworks) is an interesting gallery which guides you along some of the most important Spanish and International celebrities. Names like football players like Cristiano Ronaldo and Iker Casillas, the F-1 driver Fernando Alonso or actors like Antonio Banderas and Penelope Cruz have their replicas in this curious museum. Close to it, you will also be able to gamble in one of the newest casinos of the city: Gran Casino Madrid-Colon. Games such as Baccarat, poker, roulette, machines and many other games are available in this place. Also available for your enjoyment is a restaurant, bars and a concert hall. .

Plaza de Colon has other interesting details for those who visit.One such place that offers a heavy American atmosphere is the Hard Rock Cafe. This is one of the most famous restaurants.  It is located in the building that hosts the Gran Melia Fenix Hotel, a very luxurious accommodation that has hosted celebrities like The Beatles and football player David Beckham.

At the foot of the little skyscraper Torre de Colon you will find a particular sculpture by Santiago Botero, a Colombian artist who always portrays large, voluptuous women. In this case, this muse is laying down and looking towards Columbus’s statue. Finally, 100 metres up the road, you will find Calle Genova, the headquarters of Partido Popular, the Tory party in Spain.

As you see, Plaza de Colon has many Madrid tourist spots for you. Just take a walk and let yourself get involved in the plans it offers you.

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