Madrid Stock Exchange Palace

La Bolsa de Madrid (Madrid Stock Exchange) was created in 1831 and then, in 1893, the Queen María Cristina inaugurated the new building –called Palacio de la Bolsa de Madrid– on May the 7th, 1893. The palace is a neoclassical estructure that follows the styles of the Banco de España, Biblioteca Nacional, General Hospital of Madrid –nowadays occupied by Centro de Arte Reina Sofía– and Real Academia de la Lengua buildings.

Inside Madrid Stock Exchange Palace


The architect D. Enrique María de Repullés y Vargas was in charge of the construction of the Palacio de la Bolsa. He wanted to create a temple for the economy that is why he gave the building characteristics of a basilica. He also wanted the place to have natural sunlight, so he designed a huge glass surface on the roof.

The sculptor Francisco Molinelli and the painter Luis Taverner were in charge of the decoration of the whole place. They created the “Caduceo” a piece of art that consists of three main parts: two snakes representing the offer and demand, a tick that separates them that represents the arbitrator and two wings that represent the speed of the decision-making when selling or buying stocks.


Plaza de la Lealtad, 1. 28014. Madrid, Spain.

Getting there

By bus: 2, 146, N20 and N21.

By subway: Line 2, Banco de España stop.

Opening hours

There is a guided tour every Thursday at noon to visit La Bolsa Palace. Booking is mandatory.

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