What to do in Madrid if you like gaming: Madrid Games Week

Madrid is passionate for video games. The capital of Spain is the fourth largest market in video gaming sector and the sixth worldwide. Even if there’s no museum of this subject in the city, you will have different options if you are wondering what to do in Madrid. One such example is Madrid Games Week.

Great Games week in Madrid

Madrid Games Week, the biggest fair of this sector in the capital of Spain

This is an event that gathers the best video gaming companies of the world and the truest fans of this activity. This meeting takes places once a year in IFEMA Fairgrounds and the date is already set for this year( 2014), October 16th-19th.

Games Week Facts

This four-day event offers many activities for those who attend it. These are the most interesting plans for what to do in Madrid Games Week:

– Playing new games.  Of course, one of the main attractions during Madrid Games Week is playing new games. Companies like Microsoft, Nintendo, Sony, Namco or Electronic Arts, among others, release novelties and visitors have the chance to try them. In fact, last year which was the first edition of this event, there were 550 seats to play and 150 new video games to play, that at not yet been released. The newest consoles surprised the public, the Xbox One and Wii U.

Madrid attractions

The capital of Spain is the fourth largest market in video gaming sector and the sixth worldwide.

– Using new accessories. Beyond the novelties, people that attend this event can try all kinds of accessories that companies develop to play their games, like special glasses.

– Playing old games. The most nostalgic gamers will also have the chance to doing something really special- play old games in old video consoles. Companies and associations like RetroMadrid, present in this event, lend different consoles and video games to remember how this sector was in the past. Nintendo 64, Mega Drive,  and Gameboy.   The most nostalgic will enjoy this for sure!

– Knowing the works of independent and young developers. If you are a proffessional, an investor or an entrepreneur, you will also be interested in what to do in Madrid Games Week. For instance, attending the conferences of specialists and discovering the work of independent and young developers. In some cases, they are engineers that haven’t even finished their studies but have the ability and the imagination to create amazing games. This event gives them the chance to show their creations to the world.

What to do in Madrid Games Week

Madrid is passionate for video games

This year, the company who organizes the event (aDeSe) has decided to move its dates to mid October.. This way, this event will hold right after the gaming meeting in London and right before the ones in Milano and Paris.

If you are visiting the capital of Spain during this time, and love video gaming, this event must be on the top of your ‘what to do in Madrid’ list. IFEMA Fairgrounds are located in Madrid surroundings and the best way to get there is by Metro. The nearest station is Campo de las Naciones (Line 8).