James Rodríguez transfered to Real Madrid

James Rodriguez wearing Real Madrid uniform


James Rodríguez is the trendiest topic in Madrid. Everybody is talking about this young talent, grew and born in Cúcuta, a city near Colombia’s Venezuelan border. He is very proud of being Colombian and playing with the national selection of this country. Although, the latest motive to be happy is his transfer to Real Madrid C.F. a long-time dream become true a week ago. The player himself show his pride on twitter with the emotive message: “The dream is now REAL. Happy to be part of the world best football club.

Who is James Rodriguez?

First of all, you have to learn how to pronounce his name. You may think is simple, since James is an English name, but you are wrong. His name is pronounced in Spanish, which will be like “Hahmes”, instead of James.

Now, that you know. Let’s talk about his childhood and his beginning as a player in Colombia. His family move from Cúcuta to Ibagué, were James Rodriguez became a follower of the local team Cooperamos Tolima club. As a child he was already interested in football, provably following his father footsteps. He enrolled Cooperamos Tolima Academy at the age of five.

In 2004, he joined up Pony Futbol and participated in the national infant tournament. He featured as the best player and top goal scorer, claiming the attention of the Envigado Football Club in Medellín.

In 2008, Rodriguez will sing a contract with Banfield, a small club in Argentina where his career really took off. He led the team to their first league championship at the age of 17. Then is long time coach Pékerman took the job to coach the Colombian national team. His first decision was to choose James Rodriguez as his number 10. Twist of fate, Falcao is injured and Rodriguez is chose to substitute him on the field.

He performed the awarded “best goal” in the Brazil 2014 FIFA World Championship against Uruguay national team. He has become a sensation ever since!

James Rodriguez and his new Real Madrid t-shirt

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James Rodriguez the new Real Madrid Superstar

James Rodriguez is a Superstar and Real Madrid knows it. Everybody agree on predicting a great future for the Colombian player. Just a month passed by his iconic goal, but his life has change forever. He sing with Real Madrid and in 24-hours period the club sold 350,000 t-shirt with his name and number. Now wonder, why the team paid 80 million euros for his transfer from Monaco. Also, his presentation broke all records, with an attendance of 400,000 people in the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium.

If you want to become a fan of James Rodriguez, the first step is to follow him on the social networks. He is a really active user! ( Twitter  / Facebook 10Jamesrodriguez ). Also follow us, we will be following him and publishing all the new on this Superstar! 

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