March is the most awaited month for all bullfighting lovers as it is when the season begins. For the rest of the month, those who attend a bullfight in Las Ventas bullring, they will be able to enjoy an ‘appetisier’,  two novilladas, which are bullfights with young bulls.This is the bullfighting in Madrid schedule for March 2014. Buy your tickets here.

bullfighting in madrid schedule march 2014This is the detailed bullfighting in Madrid schedule in March 2014:

– Sunday 23rd, 5PM: Novillada for the bullfighters Luis Gerpe, Curro de la Casa y Javier de Prado. Bulls from José Luis Pereda and La Dehesilla breeds

– Sunday 30th, 18PM: Novillada for the bullfighters Jesús Fernández, Juan Ortega y Tomás Campos. Bulls from José Luis Pereda and La Dehesilla breeds.


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