Madrid attractions: Visiting a Local Winery

A point of view in the sunRioja, Duero and Valdepenas are perhaps the most famous wines in Spain. However, there’s a label that has grown quite a lot in recent years, Wines of Madrid. Experts and reviewers alike, agree that the quality has improved. So, one of the most surprising and advisable Madrid attractions is our winery tour.

The official label is ‘Vinos de Madrid’, which gathers different wineries around the capital of Spain. The most important subregion producers are  Arganda del Rey, Navalcarnero and San Martín de Valdeiglesias. The territory that surrounds those villages are considered to be the best in Madrid. Fortunately for you, the winery that you will be able to visit on our Winery Tour (Qúbel) is located right there, not very far from Arganda, in Pozuelo del Rey.

All of the labels in Spain have particular features that make them different from the rest. For this label the wines of Madrid are slightly different depending on which subregion they are derived from. The soil is rich and dark in San Martin de Valdeiglesias, while the soiils are very clay-like, lack carbonates and have few nutrients in the Navalcarnero region. Vost of the wines of Madrid grow in a very continental climate, with hot summers and cold winters. The variety of the temperature is  wide, getting almost 40ºC in summer and easily -2º in winter.

The types of wines that have permission to be produced in Madrid, under the official label, are red, white, rosé, and sparkling wines. Some of the varieties of the grape are tempranillo, garnacha, merlot, malvar, albillo or moscatel.

Close to the City: Top Quality Wineries

It’s quite the luxury and privilege to have so many good wineries close to the capital. We certainly can’t leave it out of our list of Madrid attractions. Our winery tour gets you up close and personal with how wine is made. Certainly if you have the chance of ordering a bottle of wine from Wine of Madrid, don’t hesitate in doing so. You will be able to feel the real taste from the earth of Madrid.

Because this wine has such a high quality, producers often choose to sell their entire stock directly abroad. Investors all over Europe and other continents are eager to offer the beautiful taste of these amazing wines with a competitive price.

Many individual producers are just getting started and getting established within Madrid, and are in the research phase for different types of wines.  The wine in this research phase is referred to as “garage wine”.  Its quite the intensive process. With the influx of these new producers,Madrid is slowly becoming an avant-garde region in this sector.

In the last edition of the Bacuus International Contest, 13 wineries won a prize due to the quality they offer to the costumers. Madrid had never won so many prizes while competing against very traditional regions from France, Uruguay, Italy and other countries. So we can say that the label of Wines of Madrid is living its best moment. In fact, the number of prizes that the Madrilenian producers get, grow every year.

Remember, if you want to discover the quality of Wines of Madrid, you can book one of the  special Madrid attractions, a winery tour. If not, you can ask for a bottle of this label in many restaurants in the capital of Spain. Don’t miss the chance!

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