shopping in madrid

Shopping in madrid

There are many activities in Madrid Spain that you can enjoy with your loved one, friends and/or family. They include but are not limited to:  attending a flamenco show, visiting great museums like the Prado, the Reina Sofia and the Thyssen-Bornemisza, have a Paella Experience or feeling the passion of football with Real Madrid and Atletico de Madrid tickets. But, there is also one thing that every tourist should do on their trip to the capital of Spain, and that is SHOPPING!.

In this article we tell you some of the places of interest in Madrid to go shopping, as each area has a different atmosphere. Some of them are more modern, some are classical, some cheap, while others are expensive.  Pay attention if you want to find the clothes and souvenirs you’d love to take back home.

Shopping downtown: one of the favourite activities in Madrid Spain

Shopping in the downtown area is one of the favourite activities in Madrid Spain, not only by tourists but also by local citizens. The streets that begin at Puerta del Sol (Sol Metro Station, Lines 1, 2 and 3) are some of the most commercial of the city, especially Calle Preciados. Calle del Carmen and Calle Carretas are also important and are less expensive.

In this area you will find many different shops and commercial centers. For instance, El Corte Ingles,  is the largest department store of Spain and occupies the biggest building of Calle Preciados. Here, you will find clothes, jewels, sport equipment, books, discs and all kind of services that include travel agencies and offices to buy tickets of shows, concerts.

Another great company present in this area is Fnac. This brand sells various products related to entertainment. Videogames, movies, books and gadgets are examples of products you can find here. It is located in Plaza de Callao and it also has a small hall where some concerts and presentations are held.

As an aside, downtown is one of the places of interest in Madrid to go shopping at Christmas time because there are also activities for kids and important lottery offices, such as Doña Manolita, where people make long queues to buy a ticket for the special draws of Christmas.

Salamanca borough: the most exclusive shops

If you are looking for the most exclusive shops in Madrid, you must go to the Salamanca borough, especially the area called Golden Mile and Serrano street (Serrano Metro Station, Line 4). The most important brands of clothing and jewelry are present in this area, such as Gucci, Jimmy Choo and Loewe.

Ortega y Gasset street is another important commercial avenue in this borough, especially the intersection with Serrano street. The luxury and exclusivity isn’t only related to fashion, but also to fine dining.Some of the most important gourmet shops of the city are located right here, like Lavinia, where you can purchase wines and liquors, and Gold Gourmet, a small shop that sells high quality fruits, vegetables and edible flowers.

AZCA: much more than the skyscraper zone

AZCA, which is an area located in northern Paseo de la Castellana (Nuevos Ministerios Metro Station, Lines 6, 8 and 10), it’s not only famous because of its skyscrapers but also because it’s one of the largest commercial zones of Madrid. El Corte Ingles, the department store mentioned above, has its biggest building right here. Beyond a huge collection of fashion brands, such as Emidio Tucci, Sfera or Lacoste, it also has a large space for toys and electronics.

At the foot of these skyscrapers, (Torre Europa, Torre Picasso and the Torre BBVA), there are also other important shops and a commercial center. Moda Shopping is a small gallery that is gaining popularity as a place that gathers the most important brands of the current standards of today. Examples include Adolfo Dominguez, Roberto Verino or Bimba & Lola. Orense Street, which is a parallel street to Paseo de la Castellana, is also a lively commercial avenue, with brands like H&M, Tiger or Zara.

As you see, you have many places of interest in Madrid to buy clothes and souvenirs. Plan your trip taking into account all type of attractions: culture, entertainment, dining and, of course, shopping. You won’t have problems finding activities in Madrid Spain that suit your tastes!


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