Whether you like it or not, bullfighting is part of the Spanish culture and part of the Mediterranean tradition. There are probes showing that bull-leaping –a bullfighting antecessor- was practice in the Minoan Crete in the Bronze Age. The human kind always has wanted to probe its value and its power over the rest of the planet creatures. That is probably why a man face a bull at the first time.

Bull-leaping in Crete

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Bullfighting is part of the Mediterranean culture as its celebrated diet, flamenco, olive oil or wine. That does not mean you have to agree on its practice. In fact, most of the European countries has banned it. In France, bullfighting is allowed, but not killing or poking the bull in the act.

There are also another interesting practices involving bulls, like Running of the Bulls –in Spanish called “Encierros”. It is a practice that comprises running in front a group of bulls that have been let loose on reserved streets. The most popular Encierros are celebrated in Pamplona honoring Saint Fermin every year on the first week of July.

Now that you understand the importance of bullfighting for the Spanish culture, come to a bullfighting show in Madrid. Enjoy being part of a legendary tradition and judge by yourself whether you like it or not.

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