Ventas in Madrid

Ventas is a very popular neighbourhood. The people who live here is working class and there is a ‘bull atmosphere’ everywhere, as the greatest bullring in the world is located right here: Las Ventas.


Ventas borders directly with Salamanca borough westward, the most exclusive zone in Madrid, and it is also well communicated with the rest of the city and the region. First of all, because the neighbourhood has a Metro Station: Ventas (Line 2 and 5). Besides this, the main urban highway of Madrid (M-30) crosses Ventas in north-to-south direction.


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Monuments in Ventas


Party at Ventas when you travel to Madrid, Spain.The main monument in Ventas is, of course, Las Ventas bullring. It isn’t the biggest in the world, but it does is the most important. It was built in 1929 and it was designed in a Neo-Mudéjar style, using red bricks and colourful tiles, reminding us to the Andalusian decoration.


Southward Las Ventas bullring, visitors can enjoy a moment of relax in the Quinta de la Fuente del Berro Park, one of the most unknown green areas in Madrid, but one of the loveliest too. Legend says that the Queen Maria Luisa used to come to this zone in Ventas in the late 17th century to drink water because of its quality.


From some places of the Quinta de la Fuente del Berro, tourists can see the ‘Pirulí’ standing out, visible not only from Ventas but also from the rest of Madrid. This is Torrespaña, a communications tower from where the main television channels broadcast. It is made of steel and concrete and it was built in 1982, as an infrastructure for the FIFA World Cup celebrated in Spain.


Crossing the M-30 highway, you can get to the surroundings of Ventas borough, called Concepción neighbourhood, where some interesting buildings are remarkable. One of them are the ‘colmena’ buildings, a group of seven buildings made in the 50s to rehouse poor people from the north. Their facades look like hives, served as stages in cinema and can be seen from Ventas.  Another interesting construction is the Mosque, the biggest one of the city and its facade is made of marble. This complex hosts an Islamic cultural centre as well.


What To Do In Ventas


Ventas is the most ‘torero’ neighbourhood of Madrid. So, many leisure plans are related to bulls. Of course, tourists can assist to a bullfight in Las Ventas. The season of these events takes place in spring and the most awaited bullfights are held in the Feria de San Isidro, in May.


Around Las Ventas bullring, there are a lot of bars and shops with a ‘torero’ atmosphere. Tourists can have ‘tapas’ and good wines in these bars, and some restaurants in the surroundings offer bull meat to their customers. The ‘Rabo de toro’ dish (bull tail) is a delicacy that can be eaten in Casa Toribio, El Fogón de Trifón or Casa Salvador, among other places in Ventas.


As Las Ventas bullring is a big arena for events, some of the most important concerts take place in it. Bands and singers such as Iron Maiden, Mark Knopfler and Alejandro Sanz usually choose Las Ventas for their concerts in Madrid.


Accomodation In Ventas


Due to Ventas is a lively neighbourhood, there are some alternatives to stop over in the zone. The most popular options are the Rafaelhoteles Ventas Hotel, the NH Parque de las Avenidas Hotel and Ibis Madrid Centro Las Ventas Hotel, all of them with prices starting from 60 euro approximately.


Those who don’t want to spend too much money in their accommodation in Ventas can stay in small hostels, some of them located in the adjacent Salamanca borough.