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What to do in Madrid Terms & Conditions

Stated in this document are the “What to do in Madrid" Terms & Conditions. Please read carefully before taking any necessary action with our services and offers. By mainly using this site, you are signifying and testifying your agreement to these Terms and Conditions. If you do not approve to the following Terms and Conditions, please refrain from using this site. What to do in Madrid may modify these Terms and Conditions without prior notice.


What to do in Madrid is currently offering variety of services that includes tours, tickets, product selling through solely its website (www.whattodoinmadrid.com) and other partner websites in accordance to the legal agreement on terms & conditions.


This site is copyright protected. There is an agreement that all purchases made through (www.whattodoinmadrid.com) or any partner market/businesses are subject to these Terms & Conditions. It is very important to know that any legal action made under our site affects the person involved and other parties related.



  1. Effects of the Terms & Conditions of this site take effect immediately after the agreement of the user itself.
  2. Do not use this site and other related business if you disagree on the legally bounded agreement stated by the following Terms & Conditions.
  3. Terms & Conditions of What to do in Madrid may change accordingly without prior notice. It is your responsibility to be up to date with the terms. Continuous usage of the site after or before changes made to the terms mean you agree to be legally bounded by these terms.
  4. There is certainly no exception for people to copy, reproduce, print, republish, download, post, broadcast, transmit, or otherwise use of these Terms & Conditions for your own personal gain unless there is an authorized statement from What to do in Madrid granting permission to do so.
  5. You hereby agree to use What to do in Madrid and other partner websites only for legal and lawful purposes in a way that the Terms & Conditions stated is not violated and not publicized.
  6. The use of What to do in Madrid or other partner websites is intended for personal, non-commercial home use only unless specified by the owner with prior formal request. You are agreeing not to use this site as spam, and/or use this site for fraudulent requests. You are agreeing not to use automated system when accessing this site unless permitted by What to do in Madrid.
  7. You (a) are a legit user of this site (b) have not previously been banned or suspended by What to do in Madrid (c) own one legit account at the time (d) are not a member of the direct competitor of What to do in Madrid; and (e) are authenticated to have full power to enter into these Terms and Conditions without violating any restricted command from your party.
  8. This site is open for all with the guide of What to do in Madrid. Any offensive, indecent, inaccurate, objectionable, or otherwise inappropriate is not endorsed by What to do in Madrid. Exposure to this kind of content is inevitable but What to do in Madrid cannot vouch for its accuracy.


User Accounts

  1. What to do in Madrid is not liable for any illegal activities that may arise in the confidentiality of your account. It is your responsibility to maintain the confidentiality of your personal information and password. In creating an account under What to do in Madrid, you must provide your exact and legit personal information for the benefit of the services that you may enjoy afterwards. If there is an unauthorized activity happening in your account, you agree to inform What to do in Madrid and let us handle the situation.
    1. Providing your real personal information is a requirement when accessing the account. Giving false information or worse, impersonating somebody else other than you is not permitted in this site. You agree not to provide email address of someone else other than yours alone nor create multiple hoax account. We reserve the right to close your account when suspicious activity is detected.



  1. Contribution to the site can be made by users like you. This includes writing reviews, uploading photos, filling out your public profile accordingly, and rating other users’ contributions. (“Your Content”)
  2. It is our right to use “Your Content” accordingly. It may include displaying on the site, reformatting “Your Content”, putting it into advertisements, or any work that may involve “Your Content”. This is solely for promotion, distribution, and publication of users that can make a connection to other website or other media platforms. You are irrevocably granting us permission to use “Your Content” for any purpose accordingly. Also, you are granting the users of this site or any Other Media the right to access “Your Content” in again, connection to other website or other media platforms. Lastly, you are irrevocably waiving, and cause to be waived, any claims and assertions of moral rights or attribution with respect to “Your Content”.
    1. In accordance to the previous terms, you are still responsible for “Your Content”. Any risks involving “Your Content” that involves personal information regarding as our user, is represented by you and you alone. It cannot be vouched by What to do in Madrid or sponsored in any way possible.
    2. Being responsible for Your Content involves your liability when a third-party becomes involved in you. Any violation including copyright infringement, trademark, patent, secret services, violation of rights or any proprietary right that involves you with another third party is unlawful and not permitted within this website.
    3. We are reviewing contents regularly does giving us the rights to reinstate already removed user at our own discretion. This is involved when for example; we can or may remove bad feedbacks or bad reviews when in time we believe it violates our content guidelines. But then again, we do not guarantee the confidentiality of Your Content as it may be of your own responsibility.


Product Validity, Modifications & Amendments

  1. Products, services and tours offered by What to do in Madrid are valid with only the dates indicated within the site and/or partner sites. What to do in Madrid is not liable for any information provided by other sites and advertisements.
  2. Requests, inquiries and other concern that you may have is only modified, and adjusted directly to What to do in Madrid Customer Care Team. Other transactions outside What to do in Madrid will not be recognized. Below are some of the request changes that we can offer: (It may change without prior notice)
    1. What to do in Madrid is not charging any fees for rebooking your existing booking as long as the request is received by What to do in Madrid Customer Care Team not less than three (5) days before your confirmed and booked travel date.
    2. Special events that includes theater, show tickets and other events sponsored by What to do in Madrid and/or partner sites are not subject for modifying the stated date and time. Sales of these tickets are non-refundable and irrevocable once subjected to purchasing. This may change depending on the turn of events. E.g. sudden unavailability of the venue for the said event.
    3. What to do in Madrid cannot guarantee the success of any date-change request. This may only be possible depending on the availability of the date amended by the suppliers and/or service providers.
    4. An additional fee maybe charged when you attempt to request for a data-change less than three (3) days or less of your travel date. The request may or may not be honored depending on the availability of the requested date.
    5. When making a purchase using a special code or promotion code given by What to do in Madrid or any partner sites, you may invalidate your discount or special-offer price by making changes, or amendments to your itinerary once your purchase is complete. Still, What to do in Madrid can honor your discount or promotion coupons if you make a post-purchase change or any amendments for your itinerary. However, What to do in Madrid reserves the right to invalidate your request if you make changes to your confirmed itinerary.
    6. For some inevitable reasons, suppliers and/or service providers reserves the right to make changes to tour dates, prices, coverage, etc. As a result, What to do in Madrid reserves the right to cancel, change, or postpone any service, tour, ticket, product or services that you have availed at our official website through that official website or any partner sites at any time, for whatever reason it may serve.


  1. In the said cases above, you have the right to ask for a full refund depending on your dissatisfaction for the alternative offers.
  2. What to do in Madrid will be giving notices for any means possible to all the consumers, travel agent, and/or distributor with respect to the sudden changes to the booking, tour, product, services and/or events we may have.


Pricing & Inclusions/Exclusions

  1. Prices included on What to do in Madrid official website is listed only per head, unless otherwise specified.
  2. Prices are well thought over with regards to the local tariff, time of quoting, and conversion of the prevailing foreign-exchange rates as determined by What to do in Madrid.
  3. Quotations of prices are controlled by What to do in Madrid. It may change with or without prior notice.
  4. Prices for local taxes, user fee, security, port charges, customs, park fees, immigration taxes or any service related international fees are not included unless otherwise specified.
  5. It is your responsibility to check the coverage of the services that we are offering you. Tips, honorary fees to tour guides, drivers, local guides, personal insurance, food and beverages, etc. that are not specifically included on the official website of What to do in Madrid or any partner sites are not included on the package, unless otherwise specified.
  6. Prices of tickets could be higher than the normal price, that’s because what to do in Madrid offers always an add value to the products. Like delivering the bullfighting tickets to the hotel of the customer.


Payments & Cancellations

  1. What to do in Madrid accepts the following credit cards: Mastercard, Visa, American Express.
    1. Guaranteed that there is no charge or service fee for processing credit-card payments.
    2. Full payment by credit card is required to make a reservation.


  1. No refunds are given once services have commenced, or any services offered are not utilized by the consumer.
  2. Cancellation fees may apply depending on the guidelines stated by What to do in Madrid below.


  1. Event, Attraction, Theater, Show or Coupon Ticket (non-refundable in all circumstances)
  2. Gift Certificate (non-refundable in all circumstances)
  3. Tour or Package Commencing During a Special Event Period (non-refundable in all circumstances)

This includes, but is not limited to, Trade Fairs, Public or National Holidays, School Holidays, New Year's, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter, Ramadan.

  1. Other Tour Products & Services
    At least 7 calendar days prior: No cancellation fee
    Between 3 and 6 calendar days prior: 50% cancellation fee.
    Within 2 calendar days: 100% cancellation fee.


Payment Processing

  1. This is stated under the agreement that all payment processing services will be taken care of by What to do in Madrid’s official partner


Private Tour Guides

  1. Information is well distributed when rendering services of Private tour guides. What to do in Madrid are not solely responsible for Private tour guides to the reason that they are independent contractors and not agents under What to do in Madrid or any partner sites.
  2. Consumers are directly responsible for all processes made with private tour guides on all terms under the tour’s specifications. What to do in Madrid is not solely responsible for the services offered by Private tour guides.
  3. For any accidents, losses, injuries, damages, delays, extra expenses made under the care of private tour guides, What to do in Madrid is not responsible for any of the said cases.


Disclaimers & Limitations of Liability

  1. What to do in Madrid is not liable for any of the following: (a) loss of data (b) loss of business (c) accidents not under services offered by What to do in Madrid (d) any indirect, or exemplary damages arising from the use of What to do in Madrid services.
  2. Furthermore, What to do in Madrid together with its agent and partner sites are not responsible caused by natural means such as sickness, technical difficulties, weather abnormalities or any other cases uncontrollable by What to do in Madrid.
  3. At What to do in Madrid we are regularly checking our contents, services, products or any offers made through the website. What to do in Madrid is error-free, bug-free and secure. We reserve the right to make legal actions towards people who are trying to damage the website.
  4. If in any case these terms stated are found to be invalid, illegal or otherwise treason in any way on any country in which these are bound to be effective then, it shall be severed and deleted from these document but remaining part of the document shall still be legally binding and effective.


Account Termination

  1. Misusing the site is subject for account termination without prior notice. Any intended fraud-related activities that will be detected in your account will be subject for termination and banning from the site. You may not be able to access your account, the site itself, Your Content and other related information.
  2. You may close your account when you are not agreeing with the Terms & Conditions stated in What to do in Madrid. Upon closing your account, your contents can still be displayed depending on your likability to terminate it. This is your published content, we reserve the right to access them and use them.