Taxi in Madrid

choosing a taxi for transportation will take you to your exact destination

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In every instance, taking a taxi in Madrid is a very good choice when you prefer to be at your exact destination in no time. Because the city centre is not that huge, travelling from one place to another is very possible by rendering the services of taxi for less than €10. A service of taxi is well regulated under the City Council to make the customers feel secured thus removing the chance of swindling of the drivers.

Taxi in Madrid can be easily recognized

A taxi can be easily recognizable with its white colour all over with a red diagonal band crossing the entire vehicle. A small but easily seen “TAXI” plate sign placed at the roof of the car is also a feature of the taxi. During the night, this plate sign can be seen with the green light displaying the “TAXI” sign when the car is unoccupied. On the other hand, the display light of the sign is switched off when the taxi is occupied. It is mandatory for all taxi to display a number of identification on the driver’s door. It is important to take note of these in case an emergency situation arises.

Upon riding a taxi, the meter should be switched on by the driver to help the driver calculate the kilometre and fare rendered. It is your responsibility to check if the taximeter is properly placed and not tampered in order for you to verify that the taxi is legit and abiding by the City Council’s rules. Documents such as license of driver, license of the car, complaints book and a list of the official fare prices should be well displayed inside a taxi to further assure that you are in good hands.



Rates of taxi in Madrid

Tax charges after the departure of your taxi are the following:


  • €2.30, from 6AM to 9PM, Monday to Saturday
  • €2.35, from 6AM to 9PM, Sundays and holidays
  • €2.35, from 9PM to 6AM, Monday to Friday
  • €3.10, from 9PM to 6AM, Saturdays, Sundays and holidays

Prior to that, the price per kilometre charged is the following:


  • Zone A (urban centre): €1.05, from 6AM to 9PM, Monday to Friday, and from 6AM to 3PM on Saturday
  • Zone B (surroundings): €1.20, for the precedent cases
  • Zone A: €1.20, the rest of the days and hours
  • Zone B: €1.25, the rest of the days and hours

If the traffic causes you to stop or greatly decrease your movement in Madrid, the driver will apply a rate per hour: €20 in the daylight (6AM to 9PM), and €23 by night.

You can pay using your credit card inside a taxi, but unfortunately not all the cars have this feature.

Getting to the airport and other extras

Taxi in Madrid can take you anywhere you like with of course respective charges per mileage. Extra rates sometimes apply when a taxi departs or arrives at the airport. It ranges up to €5.50, everyday and every hour. On the other side, if the destination or the origin is a bus station (Méndez Álvaro, Av. América), a railway station (Atocha, Chamartín), or the IFEMA fairgrounds, the extra charge ranges up to €3. This rate applies sometimes and it is a different charge to the regular fee charged by the taximeter.

Radio Taxi in Madrid: how to call a cab

Radio Taxi in Madrid is one of the easiest ways to call the services of Taxi. Services of a taxi can be just one phone call away, anywhere and anytime. Because this is an instant service, an extra charge of €5.00 maximum is rendered. Take note of this numbers to render services of taxi. (914-473-232 and +34 914-475-180) On the other hand, you can call a taxi using the app MyTaxi. This application is available using your smartphones, Android tablets and iOS. With this, you can easily make a reservation, ask inquiries and consult best roadway routes to the officials of the application.