Serrano in Madrid is one of the most exclusive boroughs in the capital of Spain. This area is called The Golden Mile because it gathers the shops of the best brands in sectors like fashion, jewelry and gastronomy. Hotels and gourmet restaurants are also present in this zone.


Serrano is actually a street located in east Madrid, parallel to Paseo de la Castellana. The Golden Mile spreads along the surrounding area, including important boulevards such as Ortega y Gasset, Juan Bravo, Hermosilla and Príncipe de Vergara. The central Metro station in this area is Serrano (Line 4), but other important stops are: Príncipe de Vergara (Lines 2 and 9), Velázquez (Line 4) and Núñez de Balboa (Line 9). Many bus lines pass by Serrano, such as 1, 2, 15, 51, 52 and many others.


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What to see in Serrano


Visit Serrano in Madrid if you travel to spainOne of the best attractions close to Serrano Street is Alcalá Gate. It is located in Plaza de la Independencia, at the northwest corner of Buen Retiro Park. This is a monumental gate, built in the late 18th century by the architect Sabatini, the favourite one of the king Charles III. He proposed two designs for this gate and the king, loving both, decided to set one design in each facade.


On Serrano Street 13, tourists can admire the best archaeological museum of Spain: the Museo Arquelógico Nacional. It is a Neoclassic building that hosts the most important and ancient pieces of Spanish heritage. Don’t forget to visit the ‘Dama de Elche’, a Pre-Roman sculpture that was found in the east of the peninsula.


Close to the Museo Arquelógico Nacional, you can find Colon Square (the Descubrimiento Gardens), a wide space that commemorates the discovery of the Americas by Christopher Columbus. An underground cultural centre and the biggest flag of Spain are also located in Colon Square.


On Serrano 61, tourists are able to visit ABC Serrano, a particular commercial centre in Madrid. It was built in the early 20th century following the rules of Neo-Mudejar style, which remind us the type of architecture that Moors developed in Spain during the Middle Ages. It was the headquarters of ABC Newspaper.


What to do in Serrano


Serrano in Madrid is synonymous of luxury. So the best products of every commercial sector can be found here. Gourmet food and drink is one example. There are several shops that sell excellent wine, liquors and delicatessen around here. We recommend Lavinia (Ortega y Gasset Street 16).


Fashion lovers can also go shopping along Serrano Street. The best brands are present in this boulevard, such as Gucci (Serrano Street 49) or Jimmy Choo (Claudio Coello 91). Zara is also raising a building in Serrano Street 23, which will become one of the biggest shops in the world. Jewelries are also present in this zone. Some of them are Suarez (Serrano Street 50) and Aguayo (Serrano Street 108).


Visiting museums is also a cultural option in this area. The ticket of Museo Arqueológico Nacional is free. Behind this gallery, the National Library is also a good choice (Paseo de Recoletos 20-22), where the oldest and most important Spanish books are stored. They also have Da Vinci manuscripts.


Accommodation in Serrano


As we said, Serrano in Madrid is a luxury area. So tourists that are looking for high-level hotels will find many options. Some of them are these: NH Sanvy (Goya Street 3), Gran Meliá Fenix (Hermosilla Street 2), Jardín de Recoletos Hotel (Gil de Santivanes Street 6), Husa Serrano Royal (Marqués de Villamejor Street 8) and Petit Palace President Castellana (Marqués de Villamagna Street 4)