Where to eat

Where to eat

Restaurants in Madrid

In the past ten years, Madrid has become a consolidated gastronomic destination around the world. Spanish food, its ingredients and its taste have become trendy and sometimes quite expensive outside Spain. However, eating well in Madrid is not an expensive pleasure. There are many restaurants in the city where to eat for a very reasonable price while trying the best local ingredients and recipes.

Eating like the locals in Madrid

Regarding the huge distances in Madrid, it is practically impossible to go home every day and have lunch. Locals eat lunch in restaurants, Monday through Friday, this being the reason why menus are really cheap at this time of the day. In Madrid, lunch time is between 2:00 and 4:00 p.m. being this the third meal of the day after breakfast and almuerzo –a filling second breakfast usually taken around 11:00 a.m. Breakfast in Madrid only consist of a cup of coffee and a small piece of pastry, mainly churros or croissants.
After works, Spaniards go home to dine in family. On Thursday, Friday and Saturdays people usually eat tapas with friends. “Going tapas” is a tradition in Madrid, people goes from one bar to another trying a tapas on each one. Tapas are usually for free with a glass of wine, but people normally ask for more than one. If you want to live the truly tapas experience, book a tapas tour in Madrid and feel like a local for a day.

Restaurant with Menu in Madrid

Most of the local restaurants offered a lunch fixed-price menu. It usually includes a starter, an entrée, dessert and beverage (water and/or wine). The menu has around five starters and five entrées to choose from. Restaurants with menus in Madrid offer a variety of Spanish every-day recipes, like salads, gazpacho, paella, tapas, fish or meats accompanied with potatoes or veggies. Season fresh food is the key of the great taste of the local food. If you like to learned how to cook the best Spanish food book a Cooking Class in Madrid and become a paella, gazpacho and tapas expert. Read more...

Tips for choosing the best restaurant in Madrid

Choosing the right restaurant is a complicated matter everywhere, but not in Madrid. Most of the local restaurant offer great food, even those with a really cheap price. However remember this two tips before going inside any restaurant in Madrid.

  • A restaurant full of people always means good food. 
  • If you still doubting, try their tapas in the bar before getting seated. If tapas are good, provably the food will be good, too.

Michelin starred restaurants in Madrid

Madrid counts with dozens of awarded restaurants, nine of them are Michelin starred establishments. In 2013, DiverXO earned its third Michelin star adding Madrid to the short list of cities with a three stars restaurant. La Terraza del Casino, el Club Allard, Sergi Arola, Ramón Freixa Madrid and Santceloni form the list of five restaurants with two Michelin stars in Madrid. Finally, there are three restaurants with one Michelin star Kabuki, Kabuki Wellington and Zalacain. In spite of the short list of restaurant awarded with Michelin stars, there are many restaurants in Madrid listed by the prestigious travel guide.