Sports in Madrid

Sports in Madrid

Football, or soccer in America, has an extensive tradition in Spain. The football began to be played in Spain in the late nineteenth century. Although not the first Spanish football club, Real Madrid is the most famous clubs. It was founded in 1902 and it immediate competitor, Atletico de Madrid, was founded in 1903. The Spanish clubs have win several European competitions, against the best teams in the continent, like the Europe Champions League, the Europe Super Cup and the UEFA League.

Madrid’s Football Teams

The city of Madrid does not have a single football team. In fact, this city has the biggest number of first and second division football clubs. Real Madrid is the biggest club and the best known international talking. However, Atletico de Madrid has won many followers around the world in the past decade. Rayo Vallecano and Getafe C.F. complete the list of the city teams.

Madrid Football Tickets

Real Madrid and Atletico de Madrid have their own stadiums. Located in Paseo de la Castellana, Santiago Bernabeu is Real Madrid home; it has a capacity for 85,500 spectators. Those visiting the stadium, on days without match schedule, can explore the Real Madrid Museum and the intricacies of the facility. Check our Madrid Sightseeing tour and Real Madrid Stadium, you will love it.

How to buy Football Tickets?

Santiago Bernabeu has different ticket possibilities, being the best one the Executive Box, VIP Trophy Room 409, VIP Asador and VIP Sector 8. Found your best Real Madrid tickets in WhattodoinMadrid and come to cheer up your team.
Vicente Calderon Stadium is Atletico de Madrid home. It is located in the Imperial borough and nearby the Manzanares River. Its capacity is around 55,000, being also used to hold important concerts in Madrid. Since, this is a smaller stadium the tickets categories are less, being the best one the ones in the VIP sector, but also those Category 1 Longside and Category 2 Shortside. Buy your ticket to watch Atletico de Madrid in WhattodoinMadrid.

Madrid Soccer Schedule

Real Madrid and Atletico de Madrid both participate in three different competitions along the football season: La Liga, Europe Champion League and Copa del Rey. The soccer season stars around the last two weeks of August, does a bake in December, and ends around the first week of July.
La Liga is the main football competition in Spain, since 1929. At least there is one game for each team in a week. There are certain week that La Liga stops to allow first divisions teams to play the Europe Champion League. The second most important football competition in Spain is La Copa del Rey (The King’s Cup). Unlike, La Liga, in La Copa del Rey plays first and second division teams.
Only, the forth first teams on La Liga classification, are allow to play the Europe Champions League. Even though this competition holds just couple matches a month, they are the best ones. Real Madrid and Atletico de Madrid are always in the contest against the best Europe’s football teams. Buy now your tickets to encourage your favorite team to the European champion.