Photo of Chueca in Madrid, Spain

Chueca is a small neighbourhood located in Central Madrid, approximately between the streets of Gran Vía, Hortaleza, Barquillo and Fernando VI. Despite being a small zone, Chueca is famous worldwide because it’s one of the liveliest gay neighbourhoods in the world.


Chueca is formed by small and close streets and two squares stand out: Plaza de Chueca and Plaza Vázquez de Mella. The area is well connected to the rest of the city, as there is a Metro station at the heart of the borough: Chueca (Line 5). Other not-so-far stations are Gran Vía (Lines 1 and 5), Tribunal (Lines 1 and 10) and Alonso Martínez (Lines 1, 4 and 10).


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Monuments in Chueca


Visit Chueca, Madrid, Spain with WhattodoinMadrid.comChueca is not a very monumental area, as it has always been a residential neighbourhood. Anyway, there are some buildings that could surprise the tourists. One of them is the House of the Seven Chimneys (Casa de las Siete Chimeneas, in Spanish). This is a 16th century palace that today hosts the Ministry of Culture and it is located in Plaza del Rey, eastward Chueca. The House of the Seven Chimneys was made in the typical Austrias style, under the reign of Habsburg dynasty: it combines the red of the bricks with the grey of the granite and the rubble work. The legend says that the king Philip II ordered to build it for a lover of him, and the seven chimneys of the roof remind of the seven deadly sins. Later, that woman was found dead with coins of that period in one hand.


The other great building of Chueca is San Antón Market. It is a market that has been reformed recently in order to host gourmet shops and culture events. San Antón Market has a restaurant on the roof, where visitors can see a piece of Chueca neighbourhood. Outside, the market is made of brick through geometrical and nude volumes.


What To Do in Chueca


Chueca is synonym of party for Madrilenian people. In fact, the festivities of the neighbourhood gather a lot of young people, coming from all the parts of the city, the country and even abroad. Those days, in the late June and early July, the Plaza Vázquez de Mella hosts concerts and the streets of Chueca fill with colour. The main event of the festivities is the Gay Pride March, which tours the main streets in the surroundings of Chueca.


But it is not necessary to wait for the festivities of Chueca for partying at night in the neighbourhood. Every weekend, the pubs and bars of Chueca fill with people and music, especially with techno and commercial genres.


Chueca is also a zone where are located modern and creative restaurants. Besides all the food shops and cafes of San Antón Market, tourists can eat in international restaurants without getting out from Chueca: Mexican, Asiatic, Italian, Latin and many others


Accommodation in Chueca


Tourists have also many options for their accommodation in Chueca. The most special hotels have four stars and are located in Gran Vía, some of them with a swimming pool on the roof. Prices usually start at 65 euro. Some names are H10 Villa de la Reina, Hotel Ada Palace, Hotel Catalonia Gaudi, Hotel Lusso Infantas, Hotel de las Letras and Hotel Sieteislas.


Three-stars (Room Mate Oscar or High Tech Petit Palace Palace Ducal Chueca), two-stars and humble hostels cost less, but the cheapest option in Chueca is the Barbieri International Hostel, for young people. Apartments are also available in Chueca, whose price depends on the number of the guests and the size of the apartment.