Dance in Madrid: Decameron Negro, black sensuality


Black African culture is very sensual, and you will be able to see this in the shows of the dance in Madrid, Decameron Negro. This spectacle combines traditional black music and a contemporary point of view. The result is a symbolic play of dance that shows the public the similarities between African and Occidental cultures.

In fact, the dancers that perform in this play come from different countries, such as Burkina Faso, Angola, Cuba and Spain. The theatre company is L’Om Imprebis and the creators of this show are Hassane Kouyaté and Santiago Sánchez. This is a  must see for any dance lover who wants to experience this piece of culture, but doesn’t know what to do in Madrid.

This show of dance in Madrid will be on stage until December 15 in Teatros del Canal, a theatre which is located in Calle Cea Bermudez 1. The nearest Metro Station is Canal (Lines 2 and 7). The cheapest ticket price is 11 euro, and the most expensive one is 23 euro. This spectacle is scheduled from Tuesday to Saturday at 8.30 PM (Sundays, at 7 PM).