Barajas Madrid


Barajas is not a central area in Madrid but it has attractions that are still unknown, even for Madrilenians. Due to its nearness to the Madrid Barajas airport, it is a zone full of services, such as restaurants and hotels. Barajas is a borough today, but it was a small town in the past, independent from the city of Madrid.


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Close to Barajas neighbourhood it is Alameda de Osuna, another zone of Madrid tightly related to the airport too. There are several Metro stations here: Campo de las Naciones Barajas, Aeropuerto T1-T2-T3 and Aeropuerto T4 (Line 8), as well as El Capricho and Alameda de Osuna (Line 5). Tourists can get to the airport by bus, shuttle bus, train and taxi too.


Monuments in Barajas


Visit Barajas, Madrid, SpainThere are few things kept from the past small town of Barajas. One of them is the San Pedro Apóstol church, a humble temple made of brick in a traditional style with a tower topped by a slate spire. This tower can be seen from the airplanes that have already landed in the Madrid Barajas airport.


The adjacent neighbourhood of Alameda de Osuna offers some other attractions to the visitor. The Zapata’s Castle is one of these examples, which has been restored recently by the regional government. It is not only the only castle in Barajas area, but also in the whole Madrid, as the ancient Alcázar burned in 1734. This castle was a fortress in the Middle Ages and a luxury residence since 16th century for the Barajas Count and his family. of Barajas and Alameda de Osuna area have two parks that are worth visiting. One of them is the Campo de las Naciones, also called Juan Carlos I Park, and it is one of the biggest in the city. It is decorated with modern sculptures. The other park in Barajas zone is El Capricho, the bucolic gardens of a late 18th century palace, and can be visited on weekends and festivities.


What to do in Barajas


The Metro Station of IFEMA


The greatest fairs are held there every week: touristic, commercial, motor, weddings, art, technology... The fairs of IFEMA are varied and useful in order to know the trends of the moment. The Metro Station of IFEMA is Campo de las Naciones, but there also are buses from Barajas neighbourhood. Another interesting activity that many Madrilenians love is ‘spotting’, that is, take pictures of the airplanes that land and take off in Madrid Barajas airport. Sand roads and hidden points are the places where the ‘spotters’ set their tripodes.


Accommodation in Barajas

Barajas is one of the areas with more options to stop over in Madrid. In this zone it is located the only camping in Madrid city: the camping Osuna, close to the Campo de las Naciones and Logroño Avenue. But due to the presence of Madrid Barajas airport, there also are a lot of hotels and small hostels, cheap or expensive, whose prices start at 40 euro per night.